Children in Gaza are in desperate need.
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Together, we can tackle the challenges children face around the world.

Creating impact together

UNICEF drives change for children and young people every day in Australia and across the globe. We work to save children’s lives, to defend their rights, and to help them fulfil their potential, from early childhood through adolescence.

UNICEF’s track record of delivery, and breadth of experience makes us uniquely placed to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – we believe that a sustainable future depends on how we meet the needs of children and young people today.

We know we can best realise this by working side by side with businesses and organisations also committed to this outcome, building engagement based on shared value, and celebrating the contribution both parties can bring to the partnership.

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Why partner with UNICEF?

We work with our partners to reach more children in innovative ways. Our partners contribute to society and honour their commitment to their stakeholders; we know it’s more important than ever for companies to demonstrate social value to consumers, employees and shareholders.

"Through decades of partnerships with the private sector in hundreds of territories, we’ve been able to do far more to strengthen the systems that protect children and their families than we’d have been able to do on our own."

Carla Haddad Mardini
Director of Private Fundraising and Partnerships, UNICEF 

A partnership with UNICEF can help your organisation:

Create social impact at scale

By combining our partners’ corporate purpose with our global expertise, together we are improving children’s lives around the world.

Inspire and unite employees

Purpose is critical to employee engagement. By partnering with us, organisations can leverage the passion and skills of their workforce while driving progress.

Drive customer engagement and loyalty

Engage with your customers and drive sales through innovative and purposeful campaigns.

Improve brand equity

We are a strong global brand that consumers know and trust, boasting a 92 percent brand recognition – the highest of any non-profit organisation in the world.

Ways to engage with us

How you can support us

Supporting Children in Emergencies

The impacts of armed conflict and other forms of violence are particularly devastating for children.

Achieving the Greatest Impact

Your support will be used flexibly for children wherever and whenever the need is greatest.

Thematic Funding

Thematic Funds allow partners to join us in furthering a specific part of UNICEF’s vision for children.

Specific Programs

Resources directed to a particular program of work, aimed at achieving specific results.

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Partnerships in action

Learn more about our partners and the great initiatives we co-create together.

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