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Imagine building a better world for future generations. By partnering with UNICEF Australia, you can.

UNICEF is the world’s largest children’s charity working in more than 190 countries, and our impact doesn’t stop there. UNICEF works with local partners to transform the lives of children today, help grow future leaders of tomorrow, and use its influence to build stronger and more prosperous societies for years to come.

When you partner with UNICEF Australia, your investment becomes the spark that fuels catalytic change. Together we can shape a better future. Will you join us?

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"I'm just in awe of the UNICEF team, they are so lovely and it feels like a family. You truly get a sense that everyone's on the same team and working towards the same goals. No matter where they are based, they are all coming together to build a better future for children everywhere."

Photo of Erica Packer
Erica Packer
UNICEF Australia Ambassador

Driving sustainable change

Investing in children today is the surest way to build a better tomorrow for everyone. With our local partners, UNICEF supports children to survive, thrive and grow up to contribute to resilient and prosperous communities for the future.

75 years of experience

For more than 75 years, UNICEF has been delivering transformational results for children and communities around the world.

Local impact and global reach

As a trusted partner to grassroots organisations, governments and world leaders alike, UNICEF works with communities to address local challenges, while innovating and operating at a global scale, bringing positive change to countries and regions.

Benefits of scale

UNICEF works with community partners to pilot innovative, evidence-based programs. In many cases those pilots become nationwide policy and UNICEF can leverage government funding and buy-in to scale them across entire regions.

Experience in innovation

For more than seven decades, UNICEF has been working to identify solutions to old and emerging problems, and to foster innovative development approaches - from innovations in emergency responses, to agile education solutions.

Sustainable development goals

UNICEF is the global custodian for children in the United Nation's Sustainable Development Agenda. UNICEF supports countries to generate, analyse and use data for progress against 19 global SDG indicators.

"I have always been hungry to achieve something out of the ordinary. So, I wanted to achieve this change in a way that reflected our company’s core brand value, caring, and enabled us to make a positive difference to a great number of lives. Having UNICEF as a partner has been a key component in achieving just that. Their ability to reach children and young people who need it most, has meant that we could create a real impact and change as a global business. I urge my peers in businesses around the world to add “supporting children” to their to-do lists. It will always remain on mine."

Photo of Alexander Lacik
Alexander Lacik
CEO of Pandora
Two young children smile at the camera at an early education centre in Ethiopia.© UNICEF/UN0837180/Pouget

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Let’s shape the future together.

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