Children around the world are being torn from their parents, locked in detention and left to struggle in crowded camps without the humanitarian aid they need to survive. They are increasingly the tragic casualties of war. Political leaders are disregarding their duty of care to children, sweeping aside the sacred principle that every child deserves protection. But where governments fail, UNICEF is taking action with emergency support and protection – and so can you. Please help us with a tax-deductible donation today.

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Children in Crisis.

Children fleeing crisis, whether on our doorsteps or in remote camps, need our help to survive today and to thrive in the years to come. All children deserve the same care and compassion no matter if they’re a refugee, migrant or citizen.

A child is a child.

As monsoons bear down on the world’s largest refugee camp in Bangladesh, flooding is putting Rohingya children at dire risk of cholera and other deadly diseases.

Too many Syrian children have become malnourished after years of deprivation. They need therapeutic food and medical care to survive and grow up strong.
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Choose to care. Choose to help.

UNICEF’s dedicated teams are doing all they can to protect and support millions of refugee children on the move, in camps and in makeshift settlements throughout the world.

Your donation can:
  • Reunite children and parents who lost each other in the chaos of fleeing their homes
  • Vaccinate children, treat them for malnutrition and give them access to clean water
  • Help bright young minds go back to school and give them specialist support to overcome their harrowing experiences of violence. 
When you give to UNICEF, you are reaching some of the most vulnerable children on the planet. Your gift will fund emergency relief in refugee camps, war zones, natural disasters and wherever children are in the greatest need throughout the world.
Every donation of $2 or more is tax-deductible. Please donate before 30 June and together we can help refugee children be children again.
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All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible. ABN 35 060 581 437. Calculate your potential tax benefit here.

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This is how we use your donation

90 cents of every dollar donated to this emergency went directly to our emergency response work in the field.

10 cents per dollar from funds raised by the public went to investing in further growing fundraising in Australia.

The value of non-monetary donations and gifts as well as fundraising costs that are funded by UNICEF Geneva and not the public are excluded from this bar chart. The values above are from UNICEF’s 2017 Annual Report.

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