India’s current COVID-19 crisis has seen the death toll surpass 280,000 and the total number of infections rise above 25 million.

Cases are still incredibly high with hundreds of thousands
every day.

At the peak of the crisis, more than 400,000 cases were being reported per day, the highest of any country since the pandemic began.

Hospitals and health centres across the country are collapsing under the tsunami of new cases, with oxygen, hospital beds and essential drugs running out, even in large towns and cities.

Patients in critical conditions are being turned away from hospitals and medical centres. Many return home to die without any medical help. Relatives are battling to find care or source oxygen cylinders to help treat or comfort their loved ones at home.

Families are desperately in need and require urgent help. We need to act now.

With cases rising exponentially, many more people will die if we do not send urgent help. Children could be left without their families if we do not reach them in time.

Donate and send life-saving supplies to India now.

Patients breathe with the help of oxygen masks Muhammad, 32, spreads awareness to take precaution against COVID-19 while wearing PPE in Mumbai, India. © UNICEF/UNI347237/Singh

We need your help to save lives and deliver urgent supplies to health centres. Your emergency donation will help:

  • Increase access to life-saving oxygen by delivering Oxygen Generation Plants to hospitals to treat severe and critical COVID-19 cases.
  • Provide rapid, accurate testing machines in some of the most affected districts.
  • Support the ongoing distribution of COVID-19 vaccines through the UNICEF-supported COVAX initiative.

Hospitals are being forced to turn away patients as they struggle to cope. Your donation will help to deliver the supplies health centres need most, and help families to get critical care for their loved ones.

Your help has never been more urgently needed.

Health workers wearing personal protective equipmentHealth workers wearing personal protective equipment attend to coronavirus positive patients inside a banquet hall temporarily converted into a covid care centre in New Delhi, India. © UNICEF/UN0452868/SINGH/AFP

How will my donation help to stop coronavirus in India?


Our teams on the ground are working to reach families desperately in need.

We are urgently appealing for funds to supply 50 Oxygen Generation Plants to treat critically ill patients. Every plant can support a 500 bed hospital for patients to breathe and survive. Your donation will help UNICEF to deliver these and save lives.

  • With $50 you can help deliver enough vaccines to protect 10 people from COVID-19.
  • With $95 you could help deliver 5 affordable, reliable and accessible COVID-19 testing kits.
  • With $234 you can help keep an Oxygen Generation Plant running for two hours.

Help UNICEF rush critical life-saving supplies and services to protect families and communities in India.

Please donate today.

In the event that UNICEF receives more funds than we need to respond to the immediate needs of the India COVID crisis your gift will help support UNICEF’s work to purchase and deliver COVID-19 vaccines, tests and treatments in India and around the world. These are indicative prices. Vaccine prices and shipping prices may change as the response progresses.