Ahmed and Harry are worlds apart, separated by borders and cultures and generations of history. But as they tell their stories side-by-side, something becomes powerfully clear. They share one childhood.

Ahmed and Harry were both forced to flee their homes as refugee children - one from World War II in Germany and one from today's horrors in Syria. They both escaped brutal violence and braved harrowing journeys in search of protection. 

Their emotional stories offer a simple, important reminder that behind the headlines of war and the politics of asylum are individual children who should be treated as just that. Not 'refugees' or 'migrants' or 'irregular maritime arrivals' - children are children first.
UNICEF was founded in the aftermath of World War II to help children like Harry and now, 70 years later, our work is more urgent than ever.

Nearly 50 million children like Ahmed have been uprooted from their homes and every one of them deserves our support and acceptance.

That's why UNICEF is delivering emergency supplies in Syria and giving children in refugee camps a chance to learn. It's why we're speaking up for children on Nauru who need a safe and permanent solution. Why we're advocating for a more welcoming Australia.

It all begins with understanding. Please watch Ahmed and Harry's video and help us share it with the world. 

We need you now more than ever

UNICEF has never been needed by so many children. War in Syria has thrown 8.4 million children into the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II. Violence, persecution and climate change have forced more children to flee their homes than ever before in recorded history. And every day, disadvantaged children in 190 countries need our help to survive, learn and build a bright future.

We need your help to make it possible. By starting a monthly gift, you'll join thousands of Global Parents who pledge an ongoing committment to children. These regular, reliable funds allow UNICEF to plan ahead, prepare for the next emergency and deliver lifesaving water, nutrition and health care to children with no other options. Please join us today.