When we first posted this little film, it struck a chord with parents across Australia. The simple story of childhood vaccination stirred up thousands of passionate comments and more than a million views. See what all the fuss is about.


Unfortunately, this story is shockingly common. An estimated 19.5 million children around the world miss out on full vaccinations every year. Many parents like the mother in this video desperately want to protect their little ones from deadly diseases. Conflict, weak health systems and poverty means that they just can't. 

Poor access to vaccines is a huge part of why the world's poorest children are nearly twice as likely to die before the age of five as the richest. It can't go on.

UNICEF supporters help us reach children with life-saving vaccines every day. By targeting vulnerable children in hard-to-reach areas and running immunisation campaigns for children living through conflict, we're changing the story and helping more children survive and thrive into adulthood.