“I love it!” says Asma, 8-years-old as she jumps on the trampoline in the new playground at her school. "I’m going to play here every day. I want to play with my friends."

Asma © UNICEF/UN0251356/Herwig
A new playground has opened at Asma’s school in the Za’atari refugee camp, Jordan.
It’s been especially designed so children with and without disabilities can play together.
Asma has a genetic condition medically referred to as short stature. This rethink of everyday play equipment means she can join in the fun with her sister and friends at school.
"I was so happy playing with my sister Malak.
For those with disabilities and for other girls
too, it’s nice to play together," she says.

When she finishes studying, Asma wants to be a doctor. 

Jordan is home to over 600,000 Syrian refugees. Nearly a third have specific physical or intellectual needs.
The Za’atari inclusive playground is one of the first of its kind in a refugee camp. It's part of a wider program in Jordan to promote inclusiveness in education, with play one of the main ways young children learn.
The playground includes a swing, merry-go-round, and seesaw accessible to wheelchairs.
It also has a loudspeaker and giant xylophone for children with sensory disabilities, and a sandpit and beanbag designed for children with autism.
It’s hoped it will become a prototype for future playgrounds around the world, ensuring all children can be included in play. 

Amal, 9, is in third grade at her school in the refugee camp.

"The one I like the most is the
seesaw, I went up! I was very happy.
I also used the swing and the slide."
Amal © UNICEF/UN0251346/Herwig
UNICEF supports over 18,000 children to go to school in Za’atari, including 700 children with disabilities.
Working with partners, UNICEF is redesigning schools to make them more accessible, providing academic support to students, and providing assistive devices, like hearing aids. This program is supported by the Australian Government, UK Aid, and the Government of the Republic of Korea.

Smiles all round from Ala’a (9)
"If anyone falls down there is someone
to help you. The thing that I played on the
most was the swing and then the
trampoline. I love this playground so much." 
Ala'a © UNICEF/UN0251359/Herwig