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Change the lives of children in Lao PDR

Parents and caregivers play a critical role in supporting their children’s learning and development, however parental involvement and engagement in their children’s education remains low across Lao PDR. 

Lao PDR has some of the poorest education indicators in Southeast Asia, with over 50 per cent of three to four-year-old children not enrolled in early childhood education programs. Early childhood education establishes strong foundations for a child's future, supports children to reach their full potential and helps communities to develop skills and knowledge to reduce inequalities and promote prosperity.  

Through parenting education and support, UNICEF can provide parents with additional knowledge and skills to effectively support children’s learning in school and at home, and encourage children’s broader development. Alongside our partners, UNICEF Australia is providing quality early learning opportunities to children, and parenting sessions that support parents, caregivers and families, so that every child has the support they need to fulfil their potential. 

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of three to four-year-old children in Lao PDR are not enrolled in Early Childhood Education programs, with those in hard-to-reach areas and from poor families being the most excluded.


children in Lao PDR have been provided with quality early childhood education through funding from UNICEF Australia since 2018.

Delivering education and parenting programs

A UNICEF worker sits with a father and son to talk about early childhood education.©UNICEF Laos/2022/IKarakaya

Before joining community sessions about parenting, Mr. Saynhasone says he did not know much about how to take care of his three children. 

“I did not talk to my children much because I thought learning can only take place at school. Now that I am joining the parenting sessions, I have discovered that learning for children starts at birth,” says Mr. Saynhasone. 

Mr. Saynhasone’s seven-year-old son also attends a community-based school readiness program which provides quality early childhood education, such as basic literacy and numeracy skills. The program is designed to prepare the children for primary education. 

“He became a more active and curious child. He tells us what he has learned at school each day and since he began attending the programme, he started to help us and other family members out as well,” he says. 

Help give children in Lao PDR the best start in life.

Donate today and change the lives of children in Lao PDR by supporting improved access to quality early learning opportunities and the delivery of valuable parenting sessions in the most disadvantaged areas.

Supporting children to grow, learn and thrive

A mother smiles at her baby at a parenting session in Laos.©UNICEF Laos/2022/IKarakaya

In a remote village in Lao PDR, Ms. Ngoi, a 39-year-old mother of five attends a parenting orientation session where shares her experience of parenting while learning from other parents.

The parenting sessions are part of the Love and Care for Every Child (LCEC) initiative that aims to influence and transform parenting practices within families and opportunities for children under seven years across Lao PDR. Sessions are focused on care, protection and communication covering content on maternal and new-born health, sexual and reproductive health, breastfeeding, mother and child nutrition, preventing child marriage, positive discipline and nurturing bonds and early stimulation. The sessions are delivered through guidebooks, storybooks, videos and audio recordings. 

“One thing I didn’t know before joining the parenting sessions and particularly surprised me was talking to the baby in the womb. I had no idea that unborn children can hear voices,” Ms. Ngoi said. 

Paired with a community-based school readiness program, attended by children who do not have access to formal pre-primary classes, parenting orientation sessions support children to grow, learn and thrive.

How will my donation help children in Lao PDR?

Because UNICEF is 100 per cent donor funded – with some voluntary contributions from governments – our ability to provide long-term development programs like early childhood development programs to children in need, depends on the generosity and commitment of donors, like you. We will combine your donation with funding from the Australian Government via the Australian NGO Cooperation Program to reach even more children in need.

  • $34 can train 20 parents or caregivers on tools and techniques they can use to provide nurturing and responsive care to their child. 
  • $90 can provide 10 children in Lao PDR with access to one year of preschool education.
  • $179 can provide 30 children with early learning materials, including storybooks. 

    How do we use each dollar donated?

  • 82¢
    last year, 82 cents of every dollar donated went to our emergency response work in the field and helped us to be there for children before, during and after emergencies around the world.
  • 13¢
    last year, 13 cents covered the essential costs of raising public awareness and fundraising to generate more support for UNICEF’s work.
  • 5¢
    last year, 5 cents were spent on UNICEF Australia’s accountability and administration.
A mother smiles at her baby at a parenting session in Lao PDR.
©UNICEF Laos/2022/IKarakaya

Help give children in Laos the best start in life.

Donate today and change the lives of children in Laos by supporting improved access to quality early learning opportunities and the delivery of valuable parenting sessions in the most disadvantaged areas.