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Next Practice has partnered with UNICEF Australia to support their maternal and neonatal health program in Papua New Guinea (PNG); we call it our Next Aid initiative.

With the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the East Asia Pacific region, PNG is one of the riskiest places on earth for a woman to be pregnant and for a child to be born. Recognising this, Next Practice have committed to providing funds that improve maternal, newborn and child healthcare over the next three years. With a focus on contributing to Tetanus-Diphtheria vaccinations, this funding will have a significant impact, helping mothers and newborns in the region to thrive and reach their fullest potential.

You can help us ensure mothers and babies in PNG remain safe by donating now.

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Mortality rates for children under five years old in PNG is one of the highest in the Asia Pacific region.


There are 192 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births in PNG, which is the highest maternal mortality rate in the Pacific.


An estimated 15,400 children under five die each year in PNG, mostly from preventable diseases.

Papua New Guinea (PNG) is one of Australia’s nearest neighbours, but the experience of pregnancy and birth for women and babies in PNG is often extremely dangerous. Only 38% of pregnant women are protected at birth from tetanus, and this means that more than 60% of newborns in PNG are not protected from tetanus and are susceptible to infection. On top of this, more than 80% of the countries 10.2M population live in rural and regional areas, and with limited road networks, lack of access to basic drinking water and sanitation services, making it extremely difficult for children to thrive to their fullest potential.

Your donation today will help improve access to and education around healthcare services in PNG and directly support some of the most disadvantaged children in the world.

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UNICEF is 100 per cent donor funded and has helped save more lives than any other humanitarian organisation in the world. But we need your support through donations to reach even more children in need.

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Your donation is saving lives

Protect children from preventable diseases with life-saving vaccines by donating today.