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Pat Cummins: Early Childhood Education

Recently, I visited the remote town of Borroloola in Australia's Northern Territory and saw the incredible work UNICEF Australia is doing through an early childhood education program called Indi Kindi.

Education has always been huge in my life. My mum was a teacher, and we were lucky with the opportunities we had. But many children in remote Indigenous communities across Australia are growing up without adequate access to the quality education, support and health care they need to get the best start in life. For the past two years as a UNICEF Australia Ambassador, I have supported Indi Kindi, which operates in remote Australian communities.

Cricketer Pat Cummins reading book to three Australian Indigenous children

Pat's visit to Borroloola with UNICEF Australia

UNICEF Australia Ambassador Pat Cummins heads to the outback to meet some incredible kids through the Indi Kindi program in the Northern Territory.

Indi Kindi focuses on the first five years of a child's life because this is when we have the most rapid advances in brain development. It's when little brains begin to develop and strong foundations for lifelong health begin. In partnership with Moriarty Foundation, UNICEF Australia is working to ensure that every child in our remote communities can access early education.

Integrating Aboriginal culture with play-based early childhood education, Indi Kindi is 100 per cent facilitated by a team of local women who are vibrant, committed and well-connected within the community. Having an entirely Aboriginal team helps create bonds and trust with the parent, meaning there is no cultural divide between educator, child and parent.

"I’ve been so lucky to see the amazing work UNICEF Australia and Indi Kindi do in remote Australia. But to keep supporting Indigenous children, they need our support. I would love you to join me and help give these kids their best start in life. "

Pat Cummins

With a young 18-month-old son, I know how important it is to give children a good head start in life, but access to early childhood education is limited in some remote communities across Australia. Please help us continue delivering an inspired early childhood education program to communities like Borroloola so that every child, no matter where they live, has the best start in life.

Early Learning for Every Child

With your support, we can continue delivering early childhood education in remote Australian communities so that every child, no matter where they live, has the best start in life.

In 2023, Pat Cummins visited Indi Kindi, an early education program in a remote Northern Territory community.
In 2023, Pat Cummins visited Indi Kindi, an early education program in a remote Northern Territory community.
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In 2021, the Australian Early Development Census (AEDC) reported that 42.3 per cent of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children were considered to be developmentally vulnerable.


Indi Kindi reaches 80 per cent of Indigenous children in four remote communities while local mothers are offered employment opportunities and training.

Disclaimer - In the event that UNICEF receives more funds than is currently needed for this program in Australia, your gift will help support UNICEF's work for children in need in the education programs that Pat chooses to support around the world to complement his commitment in Australia.

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