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Donate to UNICEF Australia and you could claim a deduction when submitting your tax return.

Use our tax calculator tool below to estimate the potential tax benefit of your donation. Simply enter your donation amount and select your income bracket to see your potential savings.

This table is based upon 2020-2021 ATO individual income tax rates. The above rates do not include the Medicare Levy of 2%. The exact level of your tax deductibility will vary depending on your present financial circumstances. Please seek assistance from an independent taxation professional for formal guidelines.

Make Your Tax-Deductible Gift

Your donation can help to send critical supplies needed in the fight against COVID-19 

Cases of deadly COVID-19 are surging in some of the most vulnerable communities around the world. Oxygen is in desperately short supply in India, where banquet halls have been converted into makeshift hospitals. In recent weeks, cases have skyrocketed in South Asia, in Nepal, the Maldives and Sri Lanka.

In Brazil, the health care system is at breaking point, and neighbouring countries are recording record-high rates of infection.  
By making a tax-deductible donation, you can help to send critical supplies, like oxygen, vaccines and PPE to those who need them most.  

Your donation can help to protect healthcare workers, and families who are being devastated by the impacts of COVID-19. 
Make Your Tax-Deductible Gift

How will my donation help children?

Your tax-deductible donation to our COVID-19 appeal will help to respond to urgent needs arising from the spread of the pandemic.  

UNICEF is rushing to provide equipment and supplies to protect healthcare workers and help families who are being devastated by the impacts of surges in COVID-19. 

Every dollar donated to UNICEF is spent responsibly to maximise impact for children in need. That's why UNICEF is considered one of the most trustworthy charities. 

For the world’s most vulnerable children, UNICEF’s presence on the ground is much more than just life-saving deliveries. In their greatest times of need, UNICEF is an encouraging message of hope from supporters all around the world that children have not been forgotten, and a daily reminder that they have every right to survive and thrive.

When you donate to where the need is greatest, you help UNICEF to be there for children who are in the greatest need every time, wherever they are, with whatever they need, and under all conditions.

Donate to UNICEF Australia before June 30 and claim a deduction when submitting your tax return for this financial year.


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