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Early learning starts now

Papua New Guinea

It is estimated that a child born in Papua New Guinea today will reach 38 per cent of their potential, due to many challenges such as poor nutrition and access to and quality of education.

The first years of life provide the best window of time to address these issues and ensure children the best opportunities in life. 

This is why this UNICEF initiative is supporting the establishment of 55 Early Childhood Development centres. Children and families will have access to age-appropriate learning with an emphasis on school readiness, basic education in the areas of hygiene and sanitation; nutritious meals; and positive parenting initiatives, preparing 3,300 kids – including at least 60 children with disabilities – to take a running leap into life. 

Funding Target: $513,729

A gift of just $800 could deliver regular parenting support sessions in one community, covering topics such as early stimulation, nutrition, health and child protection.


Crunching the numbers on newborn survival


All babies have the right to a bright future, but in Timor-Leste, 1 in 50 newborns don’t make it through the first few weeks of life. 

UNICEF is working with the Ministry of Health, as well as healthcare staff to improve the quality of care by introducing quality standards; improving access to health services for all, particularly mothers, children and people with a disability; developing comprehensive datasets to better understand and address the causes of maternal and newborn death; and provide improved water, sanitation and hygiene infrastructure and materials into health facilities. 

By combining the power of people, data and infrastructure to tackle the leading causes of newborn mortality, this program will impact 8,000 children, 2,285 pregnant women and 80,000 people in the broader community – and give the babies of Timor-Leste a fighting chance at life. 

Funding Target: $409,121

A gift of $10,000 could equip one health centre with disability accessible water and sanitation, serving a community of approximately 22,232 people.


A strong start to life for PNG’s youngest citizens

Papua New Guinea 

Imagine if all it took to keep your child safe was a cuddle. Hypothermia is a contributing factor in more than 60 per cent of newborn deaths, even in countries with tropical climates – but in many cases, the solution can be as simple as ‘kangaroo care,’ or skin-to-skin contact. In Papua New Guinea, where one out of every 45 babies dies within their first month of life, UNICEF is working alongside the Government to introduce an innovative health package, encouraging new parents to initiate kangaroo care while also providing extensive training and support to health professionals for quality newborn care. The program is improving the quality of care in hospitals right through to local health facilities and village health volunteers who visit each home in the community.

The program aims to significantly increase neonatal survival rates and routine immunisations, reaching at least 73,180 mothers and fathers, and 25,992 newborns in their communities in two provinces.

Fundng Target: $285,000

A gift of just $856 could train a village health volunteer in maternal and newborn healthcare.


Changing hearts, changing minds

Lao People’s Democratic Republic

In Laos, vulnerable children often struggle to achieve their full potential. This UNICEF program provides support, rehabilitation and care for kids especially at risk, including children in contact  with the law and children with disabilities, creating opportunities for a brighter future.  
Paralegals and community and village mediation unit members are being trained to deliver child-friendly legal aid and diversion programs to keep young people out of the justice system and provide legal support to child (and women) survivors of abuse. 

Families and caregivers of children with disabilities, as well as relevant government agencies and service providers, are receiving education and training to raise awareness of these children’s rights and improve their access to high-quality, low-cost physical, social and emotional care. Combined, these programs will positively impact more than 3,000 men, women and children.   

Funding Target: $170,000

A gift of just $100 could help to improve care and support for 10 children with disabilities in Laos.


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