1,134 Super-Nutrient Wafers for Cambodia

Super-nutrient wafers (Nutrix) are a ready-to-go therapeutic food that allows malnourished children in even the most remote corners of Cambodia to access the nutrition needed to lead healthy lives. 

Fighting malnutrition in communities one step at a time  

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Chanmony has brought her seven-month-old baby to a health centre to receive treatment for severe acute malnutrition in Ratanakiri Province, Cambodia.  

Malnutrition is one of the leading causes of death in young children. In 2020 alone, over 149 million children under the age of five were stunted by malnutrition.

To combat this issue, the Cambodian government, in collaboration with UNICEF and partners, has developed Nutrix, an affordable, and ready-to-use solution, which will aid the treatment of thousands of children every year.  

This fish-based super-nutritious wafer snack is designed to appeal to the local palate of children in Cambodia. It is also locally sourced and 20 per cent cheaper to produce than imported alternatives. In Ratanakiri Province, health workers are delivering both education and treatment to families of children experiencing malnutrition.  
“ When I started, most people here didn't really
understand much about their health. I remember
that a lot of children used to die, especially the littlest
ones under five. But last year, there wasn't a single
death here, and that is a tremendous change. ” 
UNICEF will continue to support community engagement and medical treatments like Nutrix to ensure that the most vulnerable and at-risk children in Cambodia have the chance to thrive, grow well, and reach their full potential.  

Give children in Cambodia the nutrients they need today by gifting 1,134 Super-Nutrient Wafers.