Welcome to the World Bundle

The first few moments of a baby’s life are critical, especially when they are experiencing unexpected complications that could endanger their future. This bundle comes with one baby resuscitation kit, seven baby respiration timers and seven newborn meningitis treatments to give every child the best chance at life.

Critical first moments in Guinea Bissau

A baby is receiving medical treatment at a hospital
© UNICEF/UNI284937/Prinsloo
The nurses are stabilising a newborn that was struggling to breathe at the Bafata hospital, Guinea Bissau. Newborn resuscitation is an emergency procedure that cannot be anticipated. Yet, it is crucial for preventing lifelong damages or even death.

The Welcome to the World bundle provides health professionals in disadvantaged areas with the vital tools to help children survive at the most vulnerable stage of their lives. In the midst of an unpredictable emergency, being able to act fast is a matter of life or death.

By gifting a Welcome to the World bundle, you are giving each newborn a better chance of survival.