1 water pump

Turn on the tap for a whole community by giving a water pump. Installing a water pump not only helps to provide clean and safe water for a whole village, but also stops women and children having to walk kilometres every single day to fetch this basic human right.

Give the gift of clean water.

Pumping health and sanitation into communities

Students drinking from water pump
© UNICEF/UN0153304/

School students from Kibwe Primary School drink from a tap installed at their school after they were left without access to clean drinking water. After the 2011 floods in Malawi contaminated the only borehole in the area, UNICEF, with funding from the European Union, supported the Karonga district to install a solar water system at the school.
"Before the solar driven pump was installed, we
had so many cases of diarrhoea from students
after drinking water from a contaminated borehole."