Protect a Health Worker Kit

Without them UNICEF's work would not exist – they are the heroes on the frontline, risking their own lives day in and day out to keep every child safe. Now more than ever, we need to ensure their protection, while keeping children safe and healthy. 

Each kit contains important protective gear, including a pair of boots, two respiratory masks, 40 pairs of gloves and a coverall.

Give the gift of protection.

During the Ebola outbreak, protective supplies ensured these
health workers could continue their vital work

Protective equipment ensures that these three healthworkers can continue their vital work
© UNICEF/UN0311499/Tremeau/UN0334769 & UN0334763/Rice-Chudea

Amongst the COVID-19 response, UNICEF health workers are every day on the frontline fighting diseases that still take the lives of too many children. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, over 17,000 cases of Ebola were recorded in 2019 with further outbreaks expected in 2020.

These three health workers are amongst many who continue to save children's lives, knowing that they are protected by UNICEF's protective gear.

Ruth, a nurse at a UNICEF supported healthcare facility received WASH/IPC training as part of Ebola preparedness activities aimed at strengthening the quality of healthcare services.

Richard, a caregiver at a UNICEF Ebola Treatment Centre takes care of children whose parents are infected or have died from Ebola. 

Patrice, a hygenist at an Ebola Transit Center just finished disinfecting an ambulance that transported a patient suspected of being infected by the Ebola Virus Disease.

UNICEF and its partners have deployed more than 650 staff to work with Government, civil society, churches, and non-governmental organisations to provide water and sanitation, make schools safe from Ebola and support children and families infected and affected by Ebola.