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27 September 2023

28 September 2023 – Today is an important milestone in protecting the data of Australian children online, with commitments from the Attorney-General to modernise Australia’s Privacy Act.

Our current data laws were written before the internet existed, and today’s children are the most datafied in history, with the collection and use of their data happening at an unprecedented scale. This collection and use can place children at risk, be it through marketing and behavioural advertising, targeting and profiling, or the trading of children’s data.

The Government’s commitment to the recommendations of the Privacy Act review is a more responsible approach to children’s data. It means only collecting and using their data when it is necessary and will benefit them, making sure children are accessing information that is age-appropriate, ensuring children have the best privacy settings by default, and empowering children to make informed decisions about how their data is used.

UNICEF Australia wants Australia to be the safest place in the world for children to go online, and today’s announcement puts us on a pathway to achieving that goal.