UNICEF helps give children in 190 countries access to the rights they deserve.

We want to see a world where no child dies goes without basic needs or dies of a preventable cause. Where no childhood is robbed of learning, joy or safety. Where conflict and disaster doesn’t cost a child their lifetime.

We’re working towards this world every day. Since 1946, UNICEF has ensured more of the world’s children are safe, vaccinated and educated than any other organisation. We deliver the lifesaving supplies of water, food and medicine that help children make it to adulthood; the quality education that will transform their futures.

We do it because UNICEF believes in a fair chance for every single child, without exception. It’s why our teams are committed to the dangerous work of reaching children in conflict; why our staff will cross rivers and deserts to reach children in the world’s most remote communities.
Six year-old Digana missed months of class because of violence in Iraq but UNICEF helped to reopen her school. Now she’s happy to be back and looking to the future again: “One day I hope to become the director of this school!” © UNICEF/UNI199903/Anmar
When emergencies fade from the headlines and when poverty threatens children with a lifetime of disadvantage, UNICEF is there. And we won’t stop until the world is a safe place for every child.

The world has made tremendous progress in reducing child deaths, getting children into school and lifting families out of poverty. Many children still need our help - but change is possible. By supporting UNICEF today, you can protect a child in danger, transform their life and build a safer world for tomorrow’s children.