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You can support the work UNICEF does to protect children’s rights in different ways. These are only some of the areas of work.  

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Support children in emergencies

We are on the ground before, during and after an emergency

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Achieve the greatest impact

Flexible funding for children wherever and whenever the need is greatest

Thematic funding

Help achieve large-scale, sustainable results for children

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Specific Programs

Contribute to a specific purpose, country or project

In conflict and disaster, children suffer the most. They are vulnerable to disease, malnutrition and violence.  

Children living in conflict areas are more likely to be living in extreme poverty, or not enrolled in primary school. The insecurity of war threatens access to food, shelter, social support and health care, and generates increased vulnerability in communities, especially for children.  

UNICEF will be there for children no matter what. We respond to hundreds of emergencies every year; we are on the ground before, during, and after an emergency.  

We provide essential interventions required for protection, to save lives and to ensure the rights of all children. 

In 2021, UNICEF responded to 483 new and ongoing emergencies in 153 countries, including 84 socio-political crises. More than 35 million children have been displaced by conflict. 

In 2021, 235 million people needed humanitarian assistance and protection. Conflict remained the key driver of humanitarian needs. Disease outbreaks continued to increase, while climate change related weather events and natural disasters continued to worsen existing vulnerabilities, particularly in countries beset by violence. 

Core Resources for Results (RR) is essentially funding without restrictions. It is used flexibly for children wherever and whenever the need is greatest. For donors and partners who share our simple, powerful goal of a world where every child’s rights can be realised, investing in Core Resources for Results (RR) is an exciting opportunity.  

RR achieves the greatest impact by enabling three key elements: 

  • The predictability to plan and implement long-term programs for children​ 
  • The flexibility to address challenging and rapidly changing contexts​ 
  • The efficiency that comes from reducing transaction costs and maximising resources that go directly to children.​ 

If you wish to help children, wherever they live and whatever they need, supporting RR is the best way to make a real impact.​ By providing unrestricted funding, you empower us to make good on a simple, powerful promise: for every child. 

In 2021, RR contributed to results for children around the world such as: 

  • Ensuring continuity of life-saving routine immunisation for children in Afghanistan 
  • Enabling UNICEF’s emergency response before, during and after Cyclone Eloise in Mozambique. 
  • Driving improved availability and quality of education in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 
  • Scaling up mental health services for children in Lebanon. 

Through this way of funding, partners can join us in furthering a specific area of UNICEF’s work for children. 

Thematic Funds offer donors and partners five clear benefits: 

  • The opportunity to support an area of our work for children that is most aligned to your priorities 
  • The choice of a country, regional or global focus 
  • Clear annual reporting combining strong data and compelling stories 
  • Increased value: efficiency savings mean that Thematic Funds generate 4 cents on the dollar extra for UNICEF programs compared to bespoke partnerships 
  • The chance to support interventions that are child-centred, sustainable, scalable, innovative, and that foster prevention by addressing underlying problems so that your donation will keep on delivering benefits for children long into the future. 

Our thematic funds match partners’ goals with children’s needs, aligning them in a way that delivers exceptional value and impact across nine key areas: 

  • Health 
  • HIV and AIDS 
  • Nutrition 
  • Education            
  • Child protection   
  • Water 
  • Sanitation and Hygiene
  • Climate, Environment and Disaster Risk Reduction 
  • Social Policy and Social Protection; and Gender Equality. 

UNICEF recognises that some partners need to direct their resources to a particular program of work aimed at achieving specific results. Likewise, some partners would like to complement financial investment with advocacy and technical expertise.  

UNICEF has a long history of building strategic partnerships that meet our partners’ priorities and contribute to our long-term vision for children. 

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