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By Erin Rutherford
1 December 2022

We all know someone who is hard to buy for. Maybe they already “have all they need” or you just can’t think of something creative, or special to get them. 

Our Inspired Gift guide is full of great ideas to give to that special someone that will also make a difference to the lives of children around the world.  

You can see the full catalogue here, but we have selected some thoughtful options that will really make an impact this year. 

126 Packets of Peanut Paste

Child eats from sachet of 'Ready-to-use-therapeutic-food', packed with nutrients to treat severe acute malnutrition© UNICEF/UNI287192/Dicko

It’s not your ordinary peanut butter. It’s called Plumpy’Nut®, also known as a Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food.  This miracle peanut paste can bring a child back from severe malnutrition in as little as six weeks.  Here is a message from our Nutrition Ambassador, Adam Liaw.

Give the gift of nutrition

Give the gift of nutrition

Vaccine Pack

Few children would be thrilled to unwrap them on Christmas morning, but vaccines really are an act of love to help children grow up safe and healthy. They have amazingly eradicated smallpox worldwide, reduced polio to just two endemic countries and hugely reduced the incidence of other deadly and debilitating diseases. 

In Somalia, a child receives an oral polio vaccine at a UNICEF-supported Nutrition Health Centre.© UNICEF/UN0414890/Naftalin

Beyond saving lives, they cut healthcare and treatment costs, reduce the number of hospital visits, and ensure healthier children and communities. Sadly, millions of children around the world remain unvaccinated against preventable diseases.   

UNICEF is working hard to change this and procures more than a billion vaccines each year for vaccination campaigns worldwide. 

Did you know?

Each year, UNICEF vaccinates half of the world’s children. UNICEF workers will stop at nothing to ensure all children are protected, no matter what. 

Help us reach more children by purchasing a Vaccine Pack. This gift is packed with 260 vaccines that will protect children against tetanus, polio, measles and more.

Give the gift of protection

Emergency food rations 

When natural disasters such as floods or tsunamis strike, sadly many people can be cut off from food supplies for months on end. 

Our ready-to-eat emergency food rations are specifically designed to be air-dropped, meaning they can alleviate hunger and malnutrition in the most vulnerable, hard-to-reach areas of the world. 

Decorative Image
Left: Seven-month-old Natan Hailay is eating a high energy biscuit to boost his nutrition levels. Right: Three-year-old Milen, from Ethiopia, eats a high-energy biscuit, supplied by UNICEF.
Left: © UNICEF/UN0412581/Leul Kinfu Right: © UNICEF/UN0409573/Leul Kinfu

Each kit contains 648 ready to eat compact “biscuits”, formulated to be filling and nutritious for children and adults to eat. They are an important source of nutrition for people in emergency situations, such as those currently effected by the flooding in Pakistan.  

Help remove the fear of hunger today with the gift of emergency food. 

Give the gift of nutrition

How it works

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From therapeutic food to clean water, school supplies to vaccinations, we have something for everyone.

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If you are on the hunt for an ethical Christmas gift that supports charity, the Inspired Gifts range has you covered. Buy one instantly to make someone's day and forever change the lives of vulnerable children.  

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