Children in Gaza are in desperate need.
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By UNICEF Australia
17 August 2020

Dads are difficult to buy for. You can only give hardware vouchers, socks, and ties so many times for Father's Day. So this year, instead of gifting dad the predictable, why not surprise him with a present that keeps on giving?

The Gift of Learning

For millions of children around the world, the last two years have been a period of disruption. 

Education is the right of every child, yet globally millions of children were not in school due to the  COVID-19 pandemic.

For Sebya, it has been about finding ways to keep his children, Mady and Harouna, learning from home, as their home country, Mali, went into lockdown. Sebya worked hard to keep his daughters learning and having fun while stuck inside. 

Father with daughter taking photos.
Seyba, a professional photographer, is a father of 2 children, Mady, 6, and Harouna, 2.

"Now that I spend more time at home, I do learning activities with my children, for example I read books to them every night before going to bed. I especially don't want my daughter to lose what she already [learnt] at preschool."

While stuck at home Sebya has also appreciated the simple moments with his family. "I am helping my wife [with the] cooking and our kids love those moments.”

As millions of children had their education interrupted, we all learned how important parents are to their child’s development. Just 5 minutes of play can light up a child’s brain like nothing else. 

But many dads around the world do not have access to books or toys, making supporting their child's learning and development much harder. 

Be a super gift giver this Father’s Day!


The Gift of Play

In the middle of war zones and refugee camps, UNICEF helps create one of the most special things: a safe place for children to play. 

Soccer balls are so much more than a toy for children who have fled crisis, violence and torture. Playing can help free a child from trauma and helps them find regularity amongst the chaos. It is also a way for children to make friends and rebuild from incredible loss. 

The heavy rain and flooded ground is no deterrence for these children when it comes to playing soccer in the refugee camps in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. 

Boy plays with soccer ball in field.
A boy plays soccer in flooded waters in Cox's Bazaar, Bangladesh.
© UNICEF/UN0205641/Sokol

UNICEF and partners are working around the clock to provide for the needs of the refugee children who are now more vulnerable due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These children deserve our help.

You can help keep a child learning and playing through crisis by purchasing school bags, a sports pack or even 1000 pencils.


A Father’s Day gift with a Wiggly seal of approval

A few simple items like exercise books and soccer balls can help facilitate the kind of play that builds a child's brain.

But in many countries, it’s not so easy for dads to buy books, toys and games for their little ones. That's why UNICEF (and the Wiggles!) are asking Australians to give their dads a gift that will help other dads around the world bond with their young children. 

Happy Father's Day from The Wiggles!

This year be a super gift giver and ditch the hardware voucher to support another dad to help his little ones play, learn and grow. For every child, the best start in life.

Here’s how it works

  1. Purchase a gift online from our Inspired Gifts shop to help send children on a lifelong journey of learning and fun.
  2. We’ll send a personalised card to your Dad telling him about the life-saving impact he’s making.
  3. Real tangible items will be dispatched from a UNICEF warehouse by car, boat or foot to wherever they're most needed.

There's no better way to show your dad how much you appreciate everything he's done to keep you happy, safe and protected.