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By UNICEF Australia
16 August 2018

The precious bond between father and child is something shared by dads in every country. These photos from the delivery room are proof.


father child© UNICEF/UN0203758/Zehbrauskas

Supidej Jaithon, 20, cries with laughter as he holds his newborn baby Matt at Lerdsin Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand.

"I came to see my baby’s face. My boss didn’t allow me to take the day off because I had lots of work, but I don’t care, my family comes first"



father child© UNICEF/UN0205047/Zehbrauskas

Yair, 26, holds his newborn baby girl Mia at the Instituto Nacional de Perinatología hospital in Mexico City. 

United Kingdom

father child© UNICEF/UN0204066/Zehbrauskas

Jim does skin-to-skin contact with six-week-old Piper, who was born prematurely, to promote bonding and keep her warm. 

"Skin-to-skin feels a lot different than just holding a baby for a cuddle, it feels a lot more connected, it seems a lot more tranquil [...] it’s a nicer feeling, it’s hard to explain actually."



father child© UNICEF/UN0217433/Vishwanathan

28-year-old Senthil Kumar holds his newborn child at the Chrompet Government Hospital in Chennai.


2father child© UNICEF/UN0216369/Herwig

Shaheen has become a Dad for the first time in Azraq Refugee Camp. His baby Mohammad is three days old, born in the camp’s UNICEF-supported pediatric ward. 

"I have a strange feeling. I cannot describe it. When I held him, I loved him. I am thinking about how to raise him the right way."



father child© UNICEF/UN0210005/Zehbrauskas

Maksat and his family prepare to leave the Maternity Unit in Ashgabat with their baby girl. 


father child© UNICEF/UN0209079/Zehbrauskas

Juelmo Tchana Ncus smiles as a family member gives him his newborn baby to hold, in Mother Teresa of Calcutta Maternity Hospital in the town of Bula, in the northern Cacheu Region. 

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