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What is catfishing?  

Catfishing is when a person online tries to trick you by pretending to be someone they’re not. Some reasons they might do this are to get money or upset or embarrass you.  

What is Catfishing infographic

How to tell if someone is catfishing you. 

If someone you just met is asking you to share personal information, like your secrets, where you live and your phone number. 

  • If someone is asking you to share pictures of yourself, especially ones that make you feel uncomfortable. They may want to use those images against you. 
  • They never share pictures of themselves, or they always have an excuse not to share an image with you. This means they don’t want you to know what they look like. 
  • Someone you just met seems to know a lot about you and have the same interests.  
  • They don’t use their social media accounts much, or they don’t post or interact with others on social media. 

Always be careful about who you talk to online. Remember, you shouldn't talk with them online if you have never met them in person.  

What do I do if I have been catfished? 

Speak to a trusted adult and screenshot, report and block on the platform you have been catfished on. Visit eSafety for guidance, and if you need extra support, reach out to Kids Helpline or Headspace.