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What is harmful content?  

When you’re online, someone might send you an image or a link, or you might stumble across disturbing, upsetting, or uncomfortable things. This can be violent, abusive or sexual content, and it is normal to feel upset, scared or even angry. 

What is harmful content infographic

What do I do if I come across harmful content? 

If you come across content that you find upsetting, it is important to speak up and get help. Here are some things you can do if you come across disturbing and harmful content. 

  1. Report any harmful content you come across to eSafety
  2. Report and block on the social media platform that you came across the content on. 
  3. Check your privacy settings on your devices (phone, tablet and laptop) to stop unwanted content. 
  4. Talk to a trusted adult about what you saw and how it impacted you.  

If you need help or advice