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We work from a place of curiosity, inclusion and purpose.

Here at UNICEF Australia, we believe everyone contributes to our greater vision of helping children in need. We are focused on building a truly human organisation, one that encourages our team to challenge, question and find meaning in the work we do. 

UNICEF Australia employee dressed up for Wear it Purple day© UNICEF Australia / 2022

Our vision is to create a culture of genuine care

We believe people can only reach their full potential when they feel understood and accepted, no matter what. The wellbeing of our team, at work and at home, is paramount in how we show up each day.

Life at UNICEF Australia

We’ve created an environment where people can do their best work in a culture based on trust, learning and accountability. We support and encourage our people, in all their diversity, to be who they are and to live each day with meaning and purpose.

So, how does it feel when working for UNICEF Australia? (and this is just the start).

We support families in all their diversity

We recognise families come in many forms; that’s why we’re committed to helping you find a sustainable balance between work and home, from flexible hours to a hybrid work environment.

Wellbeing is at our core

We know that performing our best at work and our wellbeing are inseparable. That’s why we talk often and openly about how we are all going; it’s part of our language. We also provide education, programs and benefits to support your wellbeing.

Diversity, equity and inclusion

We understand, promote and celebrate the diversity of our teams and their perspectives. We listen deeply to support, empower and learn from one another.

We're always learning and challenging our own opinions

We love to re-think and question our own opinions. We are driven by curiosity and encourage our teams to learn and grow through the challenges we often face and through the development opportunities we offer.

Nisha Labade headshot© UNICEF Australia/2022/Lakis

Meet Nisha, our Content Producer & member of the Diversity, Equality and Inclusion team

"Being part of the Diversity, Equality and Inclusion team has been such a great opportunity as a young person to collaborate, learn new skills and make friends with people across the organisation, of all backgrounds and experience. 

I have felt so supported to share my lived experience in an honest and safe environment and to turn these unique perspectives, alongside others, into positive actions that help make sure that everyone feels safe and supported to truly be their full selves at work (no matter what!).”

Young Ambassadors outside Parliament House© UNICEF Australia/2021/ Moran

Discover your purpose

Do you want a career driven by purpose and passion? You can be part of something bigger at UNICEF Australia.