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A Climate for Change

What is the report about?

A Climate for Change highlights the issues which are of most concern to Australian children and young people broadly under the banners of wellbeing, safety, learning, equality and the environment. One of the most consistent issues raised, however, was that of Climate Change. It is for this reason, we have made it the spotlight issues of this report. Our title, A Climate for Change, not only references this issue, it speaks to the urgency children and young people feel for action on many fronts.

How did the report come together?

UNICEF Australia’s eight Young Ambassadors consulted with over 1,500 children and young people across the country - from preschool through to high school and into young adulthood. They then compiled a questionnaire and engaged YouGov Galaxy to conduct a national survey of people aged 14 to 17 years.

About the YA Program:

The Young Ambassador Program aims to amplify the voice of children and support their participation in matters that concern them. The program is about recognising children and young people as the stakeholders that they are.