UNICEF Australia Young Ambassadors 

The UNICEF Australia Young Ambassador Program provides young people aged 15-24 with a platform to speak up for children’s rights.

Recruited from across Australia, they are trained in leadership, media & communications, government advocacy, and engaging with children and young people.

The program aims to build their capacity to advocate for children’s rights at a local, national and international level, so they can speak up for a fair Australia that protects and supports every child. 

"Every child and young person under 18
years of age has the right to participate and
have their opinions included in
decision-making processes that relate to their lives."
Young Ambassador Indi during media training at the UNICEF office in Sydney © UNICEF Australia/Moran

Meet the 2019 Young Ambassadors

From climate campaigners, to refugee rights advocates, to a LGBTI not-for-profit founder from the NT, these incredible young people have come together from across Australia to raise the voices of the children and young people living in their communities. They have unique and diverse experiences, perspectives and ideas, but a common goal: to ensure every child in Australia has a fair chance. 

What do they do? 

Each year, the UNICEF Australia Young Ambassadors meet with thousands of children in their communities to find out what matters to young people. They then raise the issues they hear with key decision-makers.

In April 2019 the 2018-19 Young Ambassadors launched the A Climate for Change: 2019 Young Ambassador Report. The report is a culmination of what they heard from over 1,500 children and young people, as well as a survey of a further 1,007 14 to 17-year-olds.

The Young Ambassadors will be taking the report to Canberra in September 2019 to share their findings with key decision-makers.

Want your school to be involved?

If your school, club or community group would be interested in hosting a consultation with the Young Ambassadors - let us know. Email ya@unicef.org.au or call Vanessa, Child and Youth Participation Coordinator, on 02 8917 3256.

Please include your organisation’s name, address, age of the children/young people to be involved, organiser’s contact name, number and email.

Thank you for getting to know our Young Ambassadors and for your continued support of children's rights.

Want to join the Young Ambassador Program?

Due to COVID-19 the opening date for 2021/22 applications is yet to be determined. Please check this page regularly for more information. You can also sign up to our mailing list and follow us on social media to be notified when applications open. Any questions please contact the Australian Programs Team.