Get to know our Young Ambassadors

From a budding facial reconstructive surgeon to an advocate for children with disabilities - here are our passionate Young Ambassadors advocating for change.

After sifting through 450 applicants we are proud to introduce our eight newly appointed UNICEF Young Ambassadors: Eva, Atosha, Josh, Indiana, Lachlan, Ashleigh, Xavier and Steve.

They've come together from all over Australia, with all kinds of backgrounds, experiences and interests. These include growing up in Myanmar and the Democratic Republic of Congo before leaving these countries as refugees and resettling in Australia.

These young leaders are making a difference in their communities, campaigning in their schools and working as key activists for child rights. It is a rare opportunity to speak up for children and to help create a world where every child feels safe, heard and supported to reach their full potential.

"Every child and young person
under 18 years of age has the right
to participate and have their opinions
included in decision-making
processes that relate to their lives."

Who are they?

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Meet the UNICEF Young Ambassadors Meet the UNICEF Young Ambassadors Meet the UNICEF Young Ambassadors

What will they do? 

Over the next year, the team will develop new skills in media and communications, government advocacy and engage with children and young people. They will exercise leadership and become an effective advocate for children’s rights at a local, national and international level.

The group will meet with thousands of children in their communities, find out what really matters to young people and speak up for a fair Australia that protects and supports every child.

The team has already completed five-days of intensive training, which has included children’s rights, communicating effectively with children and young people, as well as with government decision makers.
They will now take on their peer-to-peer mentoring role across the country before reporting back on their findings in 2019.
“Young people and children should
be involved in the decision making,
especially if it concerns them.”

Eager to get involved?

Part of the Young Ambassadors role is to conduct a national consultation with children. They will actively listen to the views of children and young people across Australia and find out what is most important to them. The Young Ambassadors will then create a report to take to Canberra to lobby politicians and decision-makers.

If your school, club or community group would be interested in hosting a consultation with the Young Ambassadors - let us know! You can do this by emailing or calling Vanessa, Child and Youth Participation Coordinator on 02 8917 3256.

Please include your organisation’s name, address, age of the children/young people to be involved, organiser’s contact name, number and email.

Thank you for getting to know our Young Ambassadors and for your continued support of children's rights.

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