Our Young Ambassadors are passionate, motivated and empowered. They are the voices of the future.

At UNICEF Australia, our 12-month program gives young people aged 15-24 the opportunity to speak up for children’s rights and what matters to Australia's young people.  

Recruited from across Australia, they are trained in leadership, government advocacy, media and communications, and engaging with children and young people. 

Young Ambassadors bring their skills and lived experiences to the issues that UNICEF Australia advocates for. We work to ensure every child and young person has an equal opportunity to thrive and survive, no matter the circumstances or challenges they face. 

This is your chance speak up for a fair Australia that protects and supports every child. 

Meet our 2022 Young Ambassadors

From mental health advocates to former refugees, these incredible young people have come together from across Australia to raise the voices of the children and young people.  

"I believe young people not only deserve,
but need a seat at the table."

What do the Young Ambassadors do? 

Every child and young person under 18 have the right to participate and 
have their opinions included in decision-making processes that relate to their lives, according to Article 12 of the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child. 

Each year, the UNICEF Australia Young Ambassadors meet with thousands of children in their communities to find out what matters to young people. They then raise these issues with our nation’s key decision-makers. 

In June 2021, the Young Ambassadors launched ‘Children’s Voices in a Changing World’, the final report of a three-part series during the coronavirus pandemic. Read the child-friendly version here.
The surveys gathered the opinions of 4,078 young people aged seven to 20 years old from around the nation, over a 12-month period. These findings were presented to the country leaders in Canberra. 


We’d love to hear from you 

Meet Angus
Child and Youth Engagement Manager

Have questions about the program or want your school, club or community group to host a consultation with the Young Ambassadors, let us know! 
If you are under 18 years of age you need to seek permission from your parent or guardian to participate in the program.