UNICEF’s Champion for Children Corporate Supporters are Australian small and medium-sized business who have made UNICEF’s work their business.

Join this network of Australian businesses and show, no matter your size or type of support, you can form a powerful corporate alliance with UNICEF to help children in need.

As a Champion for Children, UNICEF will provide the supporter material you need to show your community you're giving back. This includes:

  • The official UNICEF Champion for Children branding and materials (logo, certificate, copy, images) to showcase your company’s efforts in creating positive change for children worldwide
  • Confidence that your donation is giving the world’s most vulnerable children the very best start in life
  • Regular updates on where your donation is saving lives

Are you interested in becoming a Champion for Children?

Acknowledgement as a Champion for Children begins with a Silver supporter level contribution of $250+ per month. Gold and Platinum supporter levels are also available with a contribution of $500+ and $1000+ per month, respectively.

Who can become a Champion for Children? 

Almost any small- to medium-sized business can get involved by becoming a Champion for Children. We just have a few simple requirements that you should review before getting started, just so we’re on the same page:
  • All companies seeking to enter into a partnership with UNICEF Australia must have been in business for a minimum of one year or can provide confidence through profit statements of the business’ capacity to make regular contributions to UNICEF
  • UNICEF Australia has identified certain industry sectors that cannot align with its brand. Please review these in our corporate engagement industry sector checklist.
  • UNICEF Australia does not allow access to our database to help publish or sell, artwork, clothing, unpublished songs, or events.  
If you have any queries about the Champions for Children program, or whether your organisation meets the criteria listed above, please feel free to get in touch with a member of our Partnerships Team by emailing partnerships@unicef.org.au.