Workplace Giving is an opportunity for you to make ongoing contributions to UNICEF through your employer’s payroll system. Donations are deducted before your pre-tax pay. This means you receive an instant tax deduction on your donations. You can give any amount you wish.

What are the benefits of workplace giving? 

Here are three great benefits of UNICEF Australia’s Workplace Giving program:
  • You can make regular, pre-tax contributions via a transparent and trustworthy method  
  • Donations go straight to UNICEF through a low-admin process meaning the maximum amount of your donation reaches the children who need it most
  • For employers, it’s a great way to build morale and create a collective goal your team can work towards.

Become a Workplace Giver

If you are interested in setting up a Work place Giving program where you work, please feel free to get in touch with a member of our Workplace Giving Team by emailing