Cases of deadly COVID-19 are devastating vulnerable communities across the globe. ​

More than 270 million COVID-19 infections have been confirmed since the start of the pandemic. More than 5 million people have lost their lives. These devastating numbers are understood to be just a fraction of the real scale of this pandemic.  

Medical centres and vulnerable communities desperately need your support. You can help to send life-saving supplies to where they’re needed most. Please, donate now. 


COVID-19 cases are again spiking all over the world, fuelled, increasingly, by Omicron, a new variant of concern that public health experts and scientists are working hard to understand.

Health care systems in vulnerable communities are on the brink of collapse. They urgently need oxygen and medical equipment to treat critically ill patients, and protective wear to prevent the spread of new infections. 

UNICEF is on the ground and we are racing to get supplies to the communities most in need, but we need your help.  Please, donate now to send emergency supplies to help in the fight against COVID-19.  

A patient receives treatment in a banquet hall, temporarily converted into a COVID-19 emergency ward in India. © UNICEF/UN0456990/Singh


Help send life-saving supplies to keep patients alive

In many countries, oxygen is in short supply and families are desperate to help their loved ones breathe. By making a donation today, you can help to send life-saving oxygen supplies to health centres and establish Oxygen Generation Plants to support hospitals most in need. 
Every day, health care workers are putting their lives at risk to care for desperately unwell patients. But in many countries, personal protective wear is still in short supply and health workers are yet to receive a single dose of a vaccine to protect them from COVID-19.

Access to vaccines is critical. Yet, only 20 per cent of people in low-and middle-income countries have received a first dose of vaccine compared to 80 per cent in high- and upper-middle-income countries. 
UNICEF’s longstanding expertise in the delivery of emergency supplies and vaccines makes us uniquely positioned to provide life-saving support – from big cities to the most remote, hardest to reach parts of the world. 
We’re helping to protect frontline workers, so they can continue to provide essential care for children and families.

By making a tax-deductible donation, you can help UNICEF deliver essential supplies, like life-saving oxygen, protective wear, sanitation kits and vaccines.  
Alongside disruptions to education, children’s health and wellbeing is at risk. Malnutrition rates are on the rise globally. © UNICEF/UN0515100/Volpe


The hidden impacts of COVID-19 on children 

They may be less likely to get COVID, but children are bearing the brunt of the pandemic. For children and young people, their formative years have been disrupted in a way that their parents never experienced. And the impact will be long-lasting.  

  • Schools remained completely closed for nearly 77 million students worldwide.   
  • About 80 million children under the age of 1 in at least 68 countries may miss out on receiving life-saving vaccines because of the pandemic.  
  • An additional 6 to 7 million children under five may have suffered from wasting or acute malnutrition in 2020. 
  • An additional 140 million children in developing countries are expected to be in households living below the poverty line.
UNICEF provides nutritional food, life-saving childhood vaccines, essential supplies and safe spaces for the children who need it most. We are there for children, no matter what. 

Our teams around the world are working to make sure these hidden victims are no longer ignored and deliver life-saving support. But we must bring this pandemic to an end to get children’s health and wellbeing back on track.    
Your donation can help to provide life-saving oxygen treatment and help to stop the spread by COVID-19 by sending supplies like protective wear, sanitation kits and vaccines to communities in desperate need. 
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Workers sort oxygen cylinders that are being used for COVID-19 patients. UNICEF is supporting procurement and distribution of oxygen supplies including cylinders, concentrators and generation plants to help communities in need. © UNICEF/UN0455355/Nanu/AFP

How will my donation help in the fight against COVID-19?


UNICEF’s teams are on the ground around the world, racing to reach health workers and families desperately in need.

  • With $95 you can help to keep an oxygen generation plant running, providing critical patients with life-saving oxygen treatment.
  • With $160 you could help provide 2 water and hygiene kits containing masks, gloves, soap, buckets and water purification tablets
  • With $250 you can help to deliver enough vaccines to protect 50 health care workers from COVID-19.
We need your help to scale up our response to ensure we can send desperately needed supplies to communities suffering from COVID-19. No matter where they are.
Because we’re in this together.

Your generous donation can save lives

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Your donation will go directly towards funding UNICEF's work in procuring and delivering COVID-19 vaccines and supplies, including oxygen supplies, testing equipment and PPE, to the countries who need it most around the world. The prices indicated are indicative prices. Product prices may change as the response progresses. If you choose to offer ongoing support with a monthly donation, or in the unlikely event that the funds raised exceed UNICEF’s funding requirements for this appeal, your gift will go to supporting children in need, wherever the need is greatest.