We need you to help us deliver UNICEF boxes, packed with life-saving supplies, to a child in need.

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Right now, a new generation of crises is threatening the lives of children around the world. Every day, futures are being lost as children succumb to causes that we could have stopped. 

In South Sudan, floods have devastated local communities and cut off roads previously used by aid organisations to deliver life-saving supplies during a malnutirition crisis. Children are isolated during the time that they need help the most.

Nine-month-old Amira arrived at a UNICEF-supported nutrition centre severely malnourished and in the red zone. With the help of supporters and UNICEF field staff life-saving 'peanut butter' was delivered to Amira in time and saved her life. 

But many more children are still waiting for their delivery. We need your help, to reach the 200 million children that are still suffering from malnutirion worldwide
Amira's arm is being measured with a MUAC Band - she is in the green zone

Your UNICEF box will travel down roads with no names and sometimes places with no roads at all. Through the sky, dodging bullets; your box will travel by boat, plane, drone or even reindeer to get to every child.

We will get there, but we need you.

When you donate, you will be delivering a UNICEF box filled with life-saving supplies like vaccines, emergency food, or education materials to keep children surviving and thriving.  

Every life-saving box you help deliver is much more than just supplies. It is a box of opportunity - a fair chance for every child.


Your UNICEF Box could be filled with:

  • Life-saving 'peanut butter' to bring a severely malnourished child back to health.
  • Measles vaccines to protect children from this deadly but preventable disease.
  • A School in a Box that provides education materials to keep children learning through crises and disaster.
Every fearless delivery starts with you. Send a life-saving box to a child in need and help us continue to #DeliverFutures.
Your donation will help fund UNICEF's urgent work for children wherever the need is greatest - including children in remote places, war zones and conflict areas like South Sudan. 

The impact a box can make.

In 2018, UNICEF helped the world's children with boxes full of life-saving supplies.

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This is how we use your donation

67 cents went directly to program expenditure, including long-term development and emergency response work.

8 cents were spent on UNICEF Australia's accountability, administration and reserves.

25 cents per dollar from funds raised by the public went to investing in further growing fundraising in Australia.

The value of non-monetary donations and gifts as well as fundraising costs that are funded by UNICEF Geneva and not the public are excluded from this bar chart. The values above are from UNICEF’s 2019 Annual Report.