Your tax-deductible donation can help deliver protection and hope to children whose lives have been thrown into turmoil. 

The lives of millions of children and families in Ukraine have been thrown into turmoil.

UNICEF has ramped up efforts to deliver aid to children and families whose lives hang in the balance. But we urgently need your help to reach more children in need. 


Many children have been confirmed killed and injured by the war in Ukraine. 

Two thirds of Ukraine's children are displaced. Families have been torn apart.

As well as loss of life, the conflict is causing devastating consequences for children's access to essential services. As the situation changes daily, we will continue to ensure children can access vital medical, nutritional and education support.

Our teams on the ground have already delivered life-saving supplies to support the needs of over 2.2 million people. As the war continues to evolve at a rapid pace, so do the needs of the children who have fled or are fleeing their homes, and those of the children who have no choice other than to stay. 


What is happening in Ukraine?

Fighting has impacted essential services. Homes, schools and hospitals have been damaged and destroyed.  

There are reports of 100 attacks on health care facilities, and damage to more than 870 education facilities. Medical supplies are running low, and it is estimated that 13.6 million people now have limited access to safe water.  

Over 2 million children under five years of age and pregnant and breastfeeding women are in need of life-saving nutrition services.

You can help send life-saving supplies to children and families.  Please donate now.   
Andrei and his little brother Ivan are now refugees. They left everything they knew to find safety. © UNICEF/UN0609210/Moldovan
“It was very bad. It was about 2 am, we woke up, all of
us, and got in the basement… Next morning, we left” 

2.8 million children have been displaced. 

This war has caused the fastest largescale displacement of children since World War II. Children and families are scared, taking shelter in subways, makeshift bunkers or seeking safety in neighbouring countries.

Displaced families are in urgent need of essential supplies and protection. 

We need your help to create safe spaces for tired, traumatised children like Andrei, who was frightened when explosions came close to his home in Ukraine’s Odessa region.  

Andrei crossed the border into Moldova with his brother and their mother, who is five months pregnant.   

He carried a bag with some clothes and his toothbrush in it. He left his home, his school, and his normal life behind.  

In neighbouring countries, UNICEF has been working with partners to establish the 'Blue Dot' safe spaces to provide crucial support to families who have fled. Our teams are helping to identify unaccompanied and separated children, and focus on family reunification and protection. 

The scale and urgency of children's needs in Ukraine and in surrounding countries is unimaginable but UNICEF is there, on the ground, and for as long as children need our help. We will not leave. The road to recovery will be very long and we urgently need your help.

Please help send life-saving supplies to children and families today. 

How will my donation help support children in Ukraine?

UNICEF has offices and teams across Ukraine and in neighbouring countries, staying to help children in need. Here's how you could help: 

  • With $90 you could deliver 16 cans of therapeutic milk to children at risk of malnutrition.
  • With $144 you could provide two emergency first aid kits containing life-saving medical supplies such as medicine, gauze, gloves and other items for injured children and families.
  • With $255 you could deliver an early childhood kit with supplies for 50 children with no home or school.

Looking for other ways to support children in Ukraine?


Ninety cents of every $1 raised from this appeal will go directly to UNICEF’s emergency response work for children impacted by the conflict in Ukraine. The remaining 10 cents covers the essential fundraising and administrative costs of raising public awareness and generating more financial support towards UNICEF's emergency response. In the unlikely event that UNICEF receives more funds than needed for this emergency response, or if you choose to offer ongoing support with a monthly donation, your gift will help support UNICEF's work for children in need around the world.