World Champions are being made right now. They’re fast, strong and hungry to win.

The World Education Games pits more than 5 million of the world’s best and brightest students across 236 countries in a competition that tests literacy, maths and science prowess.

Supporting UNICEF programs, the World Education Games are the “Olympics of Education” and while more than players charge through more than 1.5 billion questions, they earn points redeemable as a donation to UNICEF’s global programs to encourage schooling and lift children from poverty.

Founded in 2007, the World Education Games are the largest global education event of its kind, played online over World Literacy Day, World Maths Day and World Science Day, from October 13 to 15.

The World Education Games is powered by 3P Learning, the Australian producer of Spellodrome, Mathletics and IntoScience .

To learn more about the World Education Games and keep track of the 2015 global student leaderboard visit 

Student ambassador holding mathematical signs
Mariam is one of Australia's Student Ambassadors and she's excited about making an impact for UNICEF and children around the world. "I am very lucky to belong to home where I have been given everything," she says. "There are many children around the world whose luck does not match mine. Children are forced to work long dangerous hours in order to provide for their families. Education is way of empowerment and can help these children learn their rights and change not only their lives, but their community’s as well."