Your wedding day should be a day to celebrate life, love and the future. But for this girl in Chad, it was the beginning of something much more sinister.

UNICEF, a leading children’s organisation, teamed up with electronic music producer RL Grime to make a music video for his song ‘Always’. The result will give you chills - and make you believe in a better world.

Let girls be girls

Every year, 15 million girls around the world are married too young. Too young to be a wife. Too young leave school. Too young to become a mother.

The numbers are staggering. But behind these statistics are real children, robbed of their right to make decisions and realise their dreams.

If we let girls grow up safe, go to school and choose for themselves, the world would be a different place: women would have the education and freedom to lift themselves out of poverty, fewer girls would die giving birth and their babies would be healthier and more likely to survive childhood. When girls are allowed to be girls, everybody wins.

Help a girl in danger

A special community of supporters called Global Parents is helping UNICEF to prevent early marriages and support girls who have already been wed. From right here in Australia, they’re reaching children in Chad, Syria and wherever children are in danger around the world:
  • In Chad, we helped run a nationwide campaign to change attitudes about child marriage, and supported the legislation to make the practice illegal.
  • In Bangladesh, we’re funding local youth groups to talk to vulnerable girls about child marriage and teach them their rights.
  • In Laos, we’re helping young victims of sexual violence to access justice.
  • Around the world, we’re working with governments to strengthen and enforce laws that establish 18 as the minimum age for marriage. In 2016, 22 countries adopted national plans to end child marriage.
You can support this and all of UNICEF's work to protect the rights of children by becoming a Global Parent today. Your monthly gifts will help to protect children from early marriage, child labour and exploitation, and to deliver life-saving water, health and nutrition supplies wherever the need is greatest.