​If ever there was a time to sweep the corners of your home and work office, kitchen counters and under the seats of your car, it’s spring. The Commonwealth Bank and UNICEF Australia are calling on world travellers to spring clean their homes, offices and cars of foreign coin.

Commonwealth Bank branches and Bankwest stores are asking customers to search for foreign coin gathering dust in drawers, cupboards and forlorn shoeboxes during this year’s spring cleaning. 

By donating foreign coins and notes at any Commonwealth Bank or Bankwest store you will support UNICEF’s efforts for the most disadvantaged and excluded children worldwide.

“We believe millions of Australians have foreign coins and notes leftover after travelling. When you spot them spring cleaning this year, donate them to UNICEF and give these unwanted coins and notes a real value for children in need?” UNICEF Australia Chief Executive Officer Norman Gillespie said.

Since 2009, CommBank branches have supported UNICEF’s Coins for Kids and raised a staggering $260,000. This spring, we welcome Bankwest – a division of CommBank - to Coins for Kids.

How can my unwanted foreign currency help?

  • 1UK penny will provide a child with clean drinking water for one day.
  • 60 Euro cents can provide a child with a pencil and book for school.
  • Two Canadian dollar coins will provide a severely malnourished child enough therapeutic super food for one day.
  • 220 Indian Rupee (the equivalent of $4) can provide a malaria net to a vulnerable family.
  • 180 Thai Baht (the equivalent of $6) will provide 20 doses of potentially life-saving measles vaccine.

How to donate my spare foreign coins?

Visit any CommBank branch or Bankwest store in Australia and donate any unwanted foreign currency today. All domestic and foreign currency donated will support UNICEF’s work for vulnerable children.