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The Syrian conflict has unfolded on our screens for six years, but you have the opportunity to change the headlines for a child caught in the war. Each of us can help change the news for the children of Syria.

We have seen and heard innocent children being bombed in their beds, trapped under siege and forced from their homes.

It’s sad and outrageous to see this on the news night after night. After six years of carnage, we can feel helpless and hopeless.

But there is hope. UNICEF teams are on the ground in Syria and refugee camps, delivering emergency water, nutrition and medical supplies to change the news for children in crisis. You can help us reach more children, fast.
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Every day, we meet children who feel trapped in an adult’s war and forgotten by the world. Some are living under siege, cut off from the food, water and medicines they need to survive. Others are fleeing from violence with only the clothes on their backs, arriving at refugee camps with none of the everyday essentials they need to live in dignity.

Children are desperate for safe water and first aid kits. Desperate for the little things like soap and toothpaste. Desperate to know someone still cares.

UNICEF is delivering emergency supplies to help children survive and look forward with determination.

How can I help?

We need your help to provide children in the Syrian crisis with: 

  • Therapeutic food
  • Clean toilets
  • Medicine
  • Schooling
  • Safe places and shelter
  • Trauma counselling
  • Winter clothing
  • Vaccinations
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When 10-year-old Ahmed fled from brutal violence in Aleppo, a box of warm winter clothes brought a beaming smile back to his face.
When eight-year-old Huda lost her water supply, UNICEF trucked in regular deliveries to help her survive. We showed her she’s not alone and brought back hope. Today, she’s determined to grow up and become a paediatrician.

Every child saved is a good news story but a staggering 8.4 million children are waiting for emergency aid. UNICEF needs your help to replenish our supplies to reach more children now.

It’s time to shape a better story for Syrian children. Your donation can provide life-saving aid throughout Syria and where children are living as refugees in Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey and Iraq.

Help UNICEF change the news: donate to deliver emergency supplies.
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What is UNICEF?
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UNICEF is the United Nations Children’s Fund. UNICEF is a charity that raises funds through donations from individuals, businesses, foundations and governments. We reach children in 190 countries with life-saving supplies and support and advocate to keep children safe.

UNICEF supports child health and nutrition, safe water and sanitation, quality basic education and the protection of children from violence, exploitation, and HIV/AIDS. UNICEF also responds to humanitarian emergencies.
What is this campaign about?
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Change the News is a campaign to continue to build support and funds to help the millions of Syrian children whose lives have been severely impacted by conflict in Syria, as we approach the sixth year anniversary since the conflict began. 
How much of my donation is spent on UNICEF’s emergency response for children?
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Everything we do at UNICEF is done with the world’s children in mind first - 90 cents of every dollar donated to UNICEF for emergencies goes directly to humanitarian work on the ground. The remaining 10 cents covers the essential fundraising and administrative costs of raising public awareness and generating more financial support toward UNICEF's emergency response.

For more information on where donations go, and where they come from, please see our 2015 Annual Report
How does my donation make a difference?
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Your donation can make a big difference. Just $35 can provide 5,000 water purification tablets, each able to turn 4-5 litres of dirty water into safe water for Syrian children and families.
Will I receive a receipt?
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Yes. At the end of the financial year, we will send you a statement that details all of your transactions with UNICEF for those 12 months. We send our donor receipts annually to save on our administration costs, however you can request a receipt at any time by contacting us on 1300 134 071.
Is my donation tax-deductible?
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Yes, donations over $2 are tax deductible