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In emergencies children suffer first and most, making them vulnerable to disease, malnutrition and violence. You might have heard that 1 in 14 children face humanitarian crsis – and that number is growing.

When an emergency strikes, UNICEF can deliver life-saving help to children in just 48 hours to more than 190 countries.

But we can only do this because of our Global Parents.  Will you help children in need by becoming a Global Parent today?

From war in Ukraine to malnutrition in Afghanistan, you can ensure that UNICEF is always there.

By starting a monthly gift, you’ll become a UNICEF Global Parent and help reach children as soon as an emergency hits with medical supplies, safe drinking water and life-saving therapeutic food.


1st donation taken immediately, then 15th of each month. Cancel anytime.

Sign up today and you will help:

  • Keep extra supplies in areas where emergencies are likely to occur because of climate conditions or political instability.
  • Plan ahead and be ready, knowing that we have the funds ready to invest in long-term solutions to make a lasting impact for children. 
  • Respond to children's needs, giving them safe spaces to play, learn and receive medical support at a moment's notice when crises happen.
UNICEF can ship supplies to anywhere in the world in 48 hours. But we can only respond at a moment's notice because of the ongoing support of our Global Parents. 
4-year-old Parwana, who suffers from Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM), is fed by her mother with a Therapeutic Food packet to help her recover. ©UNICEF/UN0551776/©UNICEF/UN0555567/Bidel

After fleeing conflict in Afghanistan, Parwana was diagnosed as suffering from Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM). UNICEF has provided life-saving therapeutic food to help her recover.

She is one of an estimated 1 million children in Afghanistan who need urgent treatment. Since August 2021, there has been a 5 per cent increase in SAM cases across the country. Children’s nutrition needs have increased following recent political upheaval, and as the economy struggles, more people suffer the consequences. 

By becoming a monthly donor today, you can help UNICEF continue to support children like Parwana in Afghanistan and beyond. 
You can help us to be there before, during and after an emergency.  

1st donation taken immediately, then 15th of each month. Cancel anytime.


What impact could my monthly donation make?‚Äč

In 2021 our Global Parents helped us respond to 483 new and ongoing crises in 153 countries. With their support we could reach:

vaccinating children
Children in Afghanistan with 28 million doses of polio vaccines
safe drinking water
5 million children in Yemen with safe drinking water
access to education
48.6 million out-of-school children with education materials
prevention of malnutrition
336 million children with services to prevent malnutrition

1st donation taken immediately, then 15th of each month. Cancel anytime.

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