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If you're looking for fun activities, are you curious about what your rights are, or looking for inspiration on how to raise your voice, then you're in the right place!   

Our resource hub for children and young people is your go-to for information where you can learn about topics that may be of interest to you, discover what young people think about issues and have fun!

A group of children with UNICEF t-shirts raise their blue-painted hands© UNICEF/UNI212399/Frank Dejongh

What are children’s rights?

Just like adults, children have rights too. Children’s rights are written in a special document called The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. This document lists the rights that all children have. 

No matter who you are or where you live, these rights belong to every child in the world.  

Talking about your rights. Plus, games and fun stuff!

Learn how UNICEF Australia is creating a better tomorrow for every child.

Diagram of the 17 sustainable development

Learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

In 2015, world leaders set an exciting course for the future of human development with the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  

These 17 Global Goals were designed to make sure that everyone is taken care of, and no one is left behind.