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National Child and Youth Statement 2023

The National Child and Youth Statement was prepared after five consultations as part of the ‘Local Conference of Youth Australia 2023 (LCOY Australia)’. This process was led by an LCOY Leadership group of eight youth climate leaders and advocates from around Australia, and supported by UNICEF Australia and the Monash Sustainable Development Institute (MSDI). It involved four face to face consultations in Western Australia (Wadjuk Nyoongar), South Australia (Kaurna), Victoria (Naarm), and New South Wales (Gadigal), as well as an online consultation open to youth nation-wide. The Statement summarises their opinions, perspectives, realities and lists of actions they see as necessary for achieving a just and sustainable future for all.

Themes of the 2023 National Conference

Youth perceptions of climate change

Climate change in our region




Child and Youth Voice

Throughout this Statement we explore:

  • The topics of what accessible climate education looks like and how it can best support children and young people for the future.
  • We consider adaptation and mitigation goals which are ambitious and have a localised focus.
  • We discuss the financing of climate action and how that could potentially look.
  • We want to look at a just climate transition to ensure that no one is left behind.
  • We want to support the Asia and Pacific regions further, recognising that Australia could have a bigger role to play in this.
  • We want to ensure that children and young people now and into the future have a voice in the decisions which impact them.
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Australian Local Conference of Youth - Western Australia
Young people gather for the Australian Local Conference of Youth 2023 in Western Australia.
© UNICEF Australia 2023

Key Highlights

  • Greater ambition and action on climate change.
  • Have a preference for nature-based and place-based solutions.
  • Want Indigenous knowledge and practice embedded within climate action.

Underpinning this statement is curiosity, compassion, and a deep concern for the future of our planet and its people.

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Who are the LCOY Leadership Council?

The LCOY Leadership Council supported the creation, development and implementation of the Statement. They researched what young Australians were already feeling and thinking about climate change; they drafted the Statement; prepared and facilitated the conversations; and consolidated the findings into the Statement.

LCOY Leadership Council: Check out their bios

The LCOY Leadership Council was supported by UNICEF Australia and Monash Sustainable Development Institute.

Australian Local Conference of Youth - Western Australia
Young people gather for the Australian Local Conference of Youth 2023 in Western Australia.
© UNICEF Australia 2023

What next?

The Child and Youth National Statement was submitted to COP28 to contribute to the development of the Global Youth Statement. 

Global Youth Statement

A group of young Australians will be attending COP28 to share the findings. We look forward to reporting back about what we learned, who we spoke to and what other countries had to say!

The Australian Local Conference of Youth on Climate Change is supported by

This initiative is also supported by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) for Australia, New Zealand & Pacific.