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By UNICEF Australia
4 August 2017

It starts like any other birth in Australia: she feels the baby coming, her partner grabs their bag and starts driving to the hospital. But ​this video ends with a very different picture of pregnancy. Watch the short film that surprised 5 million viewers and started an important conversation about maternal health.

A very different trip to hospital

This couple's trip to the hospital was totally normal...until their world fell apart. Watch what happened.

Pregnancy should be a time of hope and happiness but every year, 16 million new mums face the reality of giving birth in terrifying conditions. They are trapped in war zones, living under siege or fleeing for their lives with no access to health care. 

800 women die during pregnancy or childbirth every day, mostly from causes that could have been prevented or treated with proper medical care. Some experience severe bleeding, others develop infection and too many go through an obstructed labour without any help. 

Newborn babies without mothers are ten times more likely to die before their first birthdays. But we don't have to accept this tragedy.

Every mother deserves to give birth in a safe space with good medical care, no matter how far she is from home or hospitals. UNICEF is supporting mums with emergency supplies and skilled birth attendants so they can experience the joy of a healthy baby.

Support this life-saving work for mums and babies

In 2017, no mother has to go through childbirth alone. UNICEF knows exactly how to keep women and their newborns healthy - even in the world's most unstable and dangerous places. We're training midwives and funding mobile clinics to reach mothers in Syria. We're providing vaccines for pregnant women and babies in South Sudan. And we're working every day to deliver life-saving supplies to families in danger across the world.

It's all possible because of an incredible community of supporters called UNICEF Global Parents. Their monthly gifts provide the regular, reliable funding that allows us to plan ahead, respond quickly when crisis strikes and stand by families with long-term health care. But today, conflict and natural disasters are stretching UNICEF's staff and supplies across more than 300 emergency zones and we simply don't have enough resources to reach every family in crisis. We need your ongoing support.

By starting a monthly gift, you'll become a UNICEF Global Parent and provide health care, clean water and education to children and mothers in danger. 

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