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By Melina Scarfo
30 August 2022

Children and families have lost their homes as floods have wreaked havoc in Pakistan. 

Since June, torrential monsoon rains and floods have washed away villages and infrastructure in all four provinces of Pakistan. More than 1,500 people have sadly died – a third of them children. 

Unprecedented rainfall of up to five times the 30-year average has swept away dams, bridges, health centres, schools and homes within minutes.  

Families are now homeless, out in the open with their young children and at risk of disease. More than 3.4 million children are estimated to have been impacted. 

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Please donate today to save lives fast. Your generous gift will go directly to UNICEF’s emergency response work for children in Pakistan. 

As floodwaters slowly recede the sheer scale of damage is being revealed: 23,900 schools damaged, 1,460 health facilities damaged, and 12,000 kilometres of roads under water. 

Families need urgent access to shelter, safe drinking water, nutrition, hygiene and medical services.  

UNICEF is there before, during and after an emergency. We will do whatever it takes to reach the children of Pakistan with life-saving support.  

A child holding a package of belongings. He is standing on a dirty road that looks very muddy.
A child holds on to his belongings as families move to safer areas after flood water moved into their village houses in the Balochistan province of Pakistan.
© UNICEF/UN0691098/Sami Malik
Bundles of boxes and suitcases covered in plastic by the side of a flooded field.
Families without shelter after moving to a safer location as flood water hit the villages in Balochistan province of Pakistan.
© UNICEF/UN0691103/Sami Malik

Help children in Pakistan

UNICEF is working with the government and partners to deliver urgently needed supplies. Already, our teams have provided 194,000 people with access to safe drinking water per day and set up 71 mobile health camps 

Our teams are working around the clock to provide:  

  • Safe drinking water
  • Medical supplies, medicines and vaccines
  • Therapeutic food, hygiene kits and soap
  • Establishing temporary learning centres 
  • Access to mental health and psychosocial support 

Our teams have already delivered life-saving supplies and provided emergency services 51 of the 82 hardest hit districts. But more help is urgently needed.

Donate to Children in Emergencies

UNICEF is providing urgent assistance to children. But we can’t do it alone. We need your help today.

A UNICEF worker is talking to a group of people in an flood-affected area
UNICEF staff talks to Ghori as she collects water from the collapsible tank installed by UNICEF in a camp for displaced families in Sindh Province, Pakistan.
© UNICEF/UN0694848/Zaidi

No matter what, no matter where, UNICEF is there to help when disaster strikes

A group of people receiving bags with emergency supplies
Families affected by the flooding receive hygiene kits containing soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, nail cutter and comb as part of UNICEF’s response in the Balochistan province of Pakistan.
© UNICEF/UN0691117/Sami Malik

The government of Pakistan says at least 33 million people have been affected by this climate disaster. 

The parts of Pakistan which are underwater are home to some of the most vulnerable populations. Even before the current crisis, children living in these areas disproportionately suffered from malnutrition, poor access to water and sanitation, and many were not in school.  

Among those in the most affected districts are more than 800,000 refugees from Afghanistan who were in Pakistan before the floods. 

Two boys seating on the floor. Behind them, there's a makeshift tent.
Children sit besides their worn-out tent after their family moved to a safer location as flood water hit the villages in Balochistan province of Pakistan.
© UNICEF/UN0691099/Sami Malik

Without help, families will be exposed to hunger and outbreaks of waterborne diseases such as diarrhoea and cholera, and many children could die. 

Many families are sleep in tents or in the open within a few metres of large pools of stagnant water. Daytime temperatures exceed 40 degrees Celsius. 

Much more is needed to reach all those displaced by floods and help them overcome this climate disaster in a country that is the world’s fifth most populated. 

Help us reach children in Pakistan with life-saving supplies by donating today. 90 cents of every dollar donated to this emergency will go directly to reaching children in urgent need in Pakistan. 

Donate to Children in Emergencies

UNICEF is providing urgent assistance to children. But we can’t do it alone. We need your help today.