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By Nisha Labade
4 August 2023

It has been six months since the deadly earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria devastated children and families.

Over 4 million children have had their lives disrupted apart by the destruction, but through the heartbreak comes hope, and it’s all thanks to the ongoing support of people like you. 

See the resilience of children from Türkiye and Syria below as UNICEF continues to be there for every child impacted by the earthquake, no matter what.  

After the disaster

Children with their father standing in the ruins of their home© UNICEF/UN0779766/Belal

A few hours after midnight on 6 February 2023, this family fled their home in northern Syria as a 7.7 magnitude earthquake hit their city. When they returned the next morning, the place they once called home was reduced to nothing but rubble.

Playground amidst rubble© UNICEF/UN0780678/Ölçer

In Türkiye, a children's playground stands as a symbol of hope amongst destruction and collapsed buildings. 

UNICEF is always there

UNICEF health worker screens a child for malnutrition© UNICEF/UN0781272/Al-Asadi

Four-year-old Hamzeh is screened by UNICEF-supported health worker, Hiba, for malnutrition in northern Syria. UNICEF has deployed mobile health and nutrition teams to provide essential services and supplies to those in need, including those who have taken refuge in shelters. 

"It’s not easy! I feel that I’m never sure what tomorrow will bring. Uncertainty is everywhere, but we keep going to support the people who need us."

Hiba, UNICEF health worker
Boy collects drinking water from a UNICEF truck© UNICEF/UN0781308/Al-Asadi

Children and families fill jerrycans with clean water at a distribution point in Aleppo city, in Syria. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, UNICEF has ensured access to safe and clean drinking water in Syria and Türkiye after water and pumping stations were disrupted by the earthquakes. 

Processing grief

Boy plays music with a view of ruins in Syria© UNICEF/UN0788653/Ashawi

16-year-old Mohamed plays the Buzuq, a traditional Kurdish music instrument in memory of his fellow music student Jana. He is performing on a balcony overlooking his destroyed hometown in Syria, offering a moment of reflection and resilience amidst the destruction.

Finding community and shelter

two friends walk through a camp for displaced people© UNICEF/UN0795117/English

 In north west Syria, two cousins support each other as they explore their new temporary home at a camp for families displaced by the earthquakes.

Girl is excited as she receives new clothes© UNICEF/UN0804562/Hazori

Six-year-old Judi carries her new clothing, after losing all her belongings in the earthquakes. As part of the emergency response, UNICEF has distributed winter clothes, blankets and hygiene kits to children and families impacted by the earthquake in Türkiye and Syria.  

Recovering education

Child writing in a classroom in Syria© UNICEF/UN0829132/Haddad 

“I drew the earthquake, and then I drew flowers,” said four-year-old Masa, during a UNICEF-supported early childhood education class in a temporary tent classroom in Syria. 
For younger children in Syria, UNICEF is providing pre-primary early childhood education to help them develop the skills to succeed in school and cope with the difficult situation they have gone through. 

Two girls walk out of a temporary classroom tent in Turkiye© UNICEF/UN0826756/Karacan

In Türkiye we are reaching young people, like these friends exiting a UNICEF-supported temporary learning space, with activities such as catch-up classes and exams preparation to help make up for missed learning and restore a sense of stability. 

A space for children to be children

Children play tug of war with UNICEF staff© UNICEF/UN0791683/Nader 

A child protection mobile team and volunteers organise a game of tug-of-war with children in a shelter in Aleppo city, Syria.   

Children playing jump rope in Turkiye© UNICEF/UN0795997/Karacan

Children playing at a child friendly space in Gaziantep, Türkiye. Child-friendly spaces offer a secure setting where children can be children. These spaces also offer essential health services like vaccinations and malnutrition screenings and help to protect children from exploitation in crisis situations.  

Hope for the future

Two sisters hold up a drawing© UNICEF/UN0792081/Haddad

In Syria, 13-year-old Maysaa and her sister pose with a drawing they made earlier that day in a shelter where they live. Despite experiencing so much loss at a young age, Maysaa cares deeply for her sister, her friends and has shown great strength through adversity.

"I would like to say to the children of Syria, don’t be scared and hopefully we pass through this crisis safely. I only ask to have our childhood."

Maysaa, 13
Kids holding a heart cutout in Turkiye © UNICEF/UN0792497/Erge

Little ones in Türkiye spread a message of love and hope for a brighter future. 

UNICEF is always there for children before, during and after a disaster strikes. 

Help us to keep providing support and hope to children and families still dealing with the aftermath of crisis in Syria and Türkiye.  

 A little girl impacted by the series of earthquakes that hit Syria & Türkiye.
© UNICEF/UNI466732/Al Daher

Syria & Türkiye Earthquake

UNICEF is on the ground, providing urgent assistance to families impacted by the devastating earthquake and 12 years of war.