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The COVID Vaccination Alliance of UNICEF Australia is a brain trust of Australian business leaders united to navigate the evolving and complex challenges of the pandemic. This forum brings together representation from diverse industries and leaders to discuss policy, advocacy, and organisational strategies to drive economic and social success. 

The Alliance was created with the mission of mobilising resources in Australia to raise funds for the largest and fastest vaccine operation in history, create vaccine demand in Australia and advocate for equal access to vaccines for everyone globally, and the vision to create equitable and safe access to COVID vaccines for all. 

Since its launch in June 2021, UNICEF Australia has been working with members to collectively impact demand generation for COVID-19 vaccines for the Australian community, as well as supporting vaccine equity globally for low to middle countries and economies. 

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Stronger together

Check out the amazing results we achieved working together with our COVID Alliance partners on the first year of the initiative

The pandemic continues to change and it’s not over yet. Public health measures have mostly eased in high income countries with highly vaccinated populations. However, in low to medium income countries where vaccination rates are low, we are still grappling with high death rates due to shortages of life-saving tests, treatments and vaccines. Oxygen shortages persist in dozens of countries, low testing rates make it hard to tell the true extent of infection rates globally, and healthcare workers still struggle to access the PPE they need. 

The COVID Vaccination Alliance continues to connect like-minded influential leaders, lending their personal and organisational profile and expertise to support efforts to achieve global vaccine equity.  

More than ever, working with governments and communities is critical to ensure that everyone, everywhere has access to COVID-19 vaccines, tests, treatments and personal protective equipment as well as lifesaving information.

As we continue to support low to middle income countries, UNICEF is also working to strengthen health systems to better protect people from health emergencies in the future and preventing future pandemics. This is a crucial moment. A moment where if we recognize the value of investing in sustainable and fair health systems, there’s an opportunity to bring better health to more children and families than ever before.

COVID Vaccination Alliance partners

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​We can’t do this alone. Success depends on more partners joining us. 

We invite you to consider joining our industry leaders to pledge your support. You will make a real difference. Being a member of the Alliance may be the most compelling and long-lasting investment that you can share with your stakeholders, because together we can help to vaccinate the world and end the pandemic.  

If you’d like to know more about the initiative, please complete the form below and a member of our partnerships team will be in touch shortly to discuss next steps. 

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