Empower Girls Through Cricket

Help break down barriers – with a bat and a ball

We want her to be whoever she wants to be.
No matter who she is, no matter where she lives.

Because we’re for every girl. 

Sport can break down barriers, promote participation, alter attitudes and include the excluded – on and off the field. 

That’s why UNICEF, with support from the International Cricket Council (ICC), run cricket programs around the world, bringing children together to unify the next generation and build their life skills, all while they play, learn and have fun.
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By donating today, you will directly support a program that aims to defy harmful stereotypes about ethnicity and gender through a common love of cricket. 

You can help to empower future female leaders and bring divided communities together. 
Abisha, pictured centre, and her cricket team © UNICEF Sri Lanka/2020/Jayawardena

How cricket connects communities

Sport is a powerful force for good in countries like Sri Lanka, where communities are still recovering from almost 30 years of civil war based on ethnic and religious tensions.

Against this backdrop, a game of cricket can be so much more than a game of cricket.

The UNICEF Sri Lanka sports program is bringing children and young people together to play cricket, regardless of ethnicity, religion, or ability. This can help heal the divides that have caused decades of unrest. 
“Having young people saying: 'we want
peace, we want tolerance' - that’s what’s
really powerful about this program.”
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© UNICEF Sri Lanka/2020/Jayawardena

Meet Abisha

Abisha is mad about cricket and dreams of playing for Sri Lanka one day, but her school doesn’t have a cricket team, a coach, or equipment.
“Cricket is seen as a men’s game and not fit for girls in our region,” explains Abisha. 
Every day after school she would play cricket with her friends, using a bat borrowed from a neighbour.

Now, through the UNICEF-supported program, Abisha and her friends have access to cricket gear and a coach. They’re learning the correct technique, but also team building, conflict management, and leadership skills. And the girls are thriving on it!

“I am very proud to say that we
won the Under 15 Cup in Jaffna!”
“Now our small village has gained a reputation for [girls’] cricket. I have confidence that I may be able to play for the national women’s team someday,” says Abisha. 
Abisha, pictured on the right, with her cricket team © UNICEF Sri Lanka/2020/Jayawardena
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Help us level the playing field
You can make a difference in a young girl’s life. 

The UNICEF Sri Lanka program is seeing incredible results, giving girls the opportunity to change their lives and communities through the power of cricket.
So much so, that as the T20 Women’s World Cup kicks off in Australia, the ICC and UNICEF have partnered together to raise the funds needed to expand the program so more girls can reach their full potential.

But we need your help. Please donate today to support this incredible program and make a real difference for girls.


With your help, we can:

  • Fund sports supplies for girls throughout Sri Lanka
  • Promote activity-based learning through the use of sport in schools
  • Strengthen 100+ Children’s Clubs to implement sports programs
  • Help build a more peaceful future for Sri Lankan girls and boys, through connecting communities and developing skills in collaboration, leadership and teambuilding.
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© UNICEF Sri Lanka/2020/Jayawardena

Women’s T20 Cricket World Cup 2020 and UNICEF

The ICC and UNICEF are partnering for the Women’s T20 World Cup in 2020 held in Australia from 21 February to 8 March to empower women and girls through the power of cricket.

Fans of the game and beyond can be part of changing lives through cricket by donating today.

Fans buying tickets also have the option of making a donation to UNICEF at the point of purchase, with tickets to all matches available now.


“When you're out there on the field, your differences don't matter.
It's just about how you play the game together,
because you can't win on your own.”
Mithali Raj and Alex Blackwell with Australian school kids at the Sydney Cricket Ground for the launch of the ICC and UNICEF partnership © UNICEF Australia/2019/Moran
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