A series of massive earthquakes has torn through Papua New Guinea and left thousands of children in urgent need of food, water and shelter. Please don’t wait: donate now to help UNICEF deliver emergency supplies and save young lives.

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Communities in the remote highlands of Papua New Guinea are reeling from three huge earthquakes that struck within days, triggering massive landslides and wiping out entire villages.

More than 100 people have reportedly been killed, with thousands more injured and many still missing in the chaos. Children are in a constant state of fear and exhaustion as relentless aftershocks continue to shake their homes and cause more landslides.

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One crucial hospital has been cut off from water and power supplies, while schools have been so badly damaged that one province may cancel the entire school year.

UNICEF will do whatever it takes to help children in danger but we can’t do it alone: we need your support to provide more life-saving supplies.
UNICEF staff unload emergency supplies in Port Moresby. © UNICEF/UN0162561/Bell

UNICEF is working to:

  • Provide therapeutic food for malnourished children.
  • Deliver water purification tablets and hygiene kits to prevent outbreaks of disease that thrive in emergency conditions.
  • Set up safe spaces where children can rest, play and recover.
  • Give psychosocial care to help children cope with the profound stress of losing their homes and family members.

Some 271,000 people need immediate help, including 125,000 children who are particularly vulnerable to injuries, hunger and disease.

Children need us and they need us now. Please help UNICEF reach them with life-saving support and protection.

Your emergency gift will help fund UNICEF’s child protection programs across Papua New Guinea, as we continue to provide water, sanitation and health care to children in danger. In the unlikely event that more funds are raised than are needed in PNG, UNICEF will direct your donation wherever children most need our help.
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90 cents of every dollar donated to this emergency went directly to our emergency response work in the field.

10 cents per dollar from funds raised by the public went to investing in further growing fundraising in Australia.

The value of non-monetary donations and gifts as well as fundraising costs that are funded by UNICEF Geneva and not the public are excluded from this bar chart. The values above are from UNICEF’s 2016 Annual Report.