Turn tweets of hate into a force of good

Join Dr Susan Carland in putting a little something good in the world

When Melbourne academic Dr Susan Carland was flooded with abuse on Twitter, she responded in the most compassionate way: by matching every hateful tweet with a $1 donation to UNICEF.

"I particularly liked the idea of giving to UNICEF, as so often they were assisting children who were in horrific situations that were the direct outcome of hate – war, poverty due to greed, injustice, violence," Dr Carland explained in The Age.
"These children seemed like the natural recipients for the antidote to hate. And donating to them every time I was abused felt like tangible good in response to virtual hate."

You can stand in solidarity with Dr Carland by doing something positive for children.

For the world’s most vulnerable children, UNICEF’s presence on the ground is much more than just life-saving deliveries. In their greatest times of need, UNICEF is an encouraging message of hope from supporters all around the world that children have not been forgotten, and a daily reminder that they have every right to survive and thrive, regardless of whatever situation they may be in.

UNICEF provides millions of children with life-saving vaccines, mosquito nets, and nutrition support; safe drinking water and basic sanitation; education; and protection from exploitation and abuse. 

UNICEF supports children like Tiavina; a girl with a goal. She wants to be a teacher. She loves learning about science and history but knows that, at 12 years of age and as one of nine children, there are other expectations of her and she may have to turn away from her dream. Her family are subsistence farmers in Madagascar and make little money. Without a free education, she may soon be forced to work and help feed her family.

Tiavina dreams of becoming a teacher

“I like studying science
and history at school. My
dream is to finish school
and become a teacher.”
Your donation to where the need is greatest will allow UNICEF to invest in long-term development programs that support the world’s most vulnerable children and their communities, meaning the difference between a life of poverty and one of opportunity.  
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