Children are our future. No matter the size, your business can play an important role in supporting UNICEF to help every child survive, thrive and have a brighter future, no matter what.

Join this network of Australian businesses and be part of a powerful alliance of businesses to help children in need. 

Champion for Children offers three levels of commitment through regular contributions: 

Infographic. Platinum Supporter: $1000+. Gold Supporter: $750+. Silver Supporter: $500+©UNICEF Australia

As a Champion for Children, UNICEF will provide you with the material you need to show your community you're giving back. This includes:  

  • The official UNICEF Australia Champion for Children  branding and materials (logo, certificate, copy, images) to showcase your company’s efforts in creating positive change for children worldwide  
  • Updates on how your donation is saving lives  
  • Confidence that your investment is supporting a globally recognised organisation which has scale to make a difference to the lives of children.  

Who can become a Champion for Children?   

Almost any small to medium sized business can get involved by becoming a Champion for Children. We have a few simple requirements that you should review before getting started, so we’re on the same page:  

  • All companies seeking to join the Champion for Children program must have been in business for a minimum of one year or can provide confidence through profit statements of the business’ capacity to make regular contributions.  
  • UNICEF Australia does not allow access to our database to help publish or sell artwork, clothing, unpublished songs or events.  

Are you ready to become a Champion for Children?  

If your business would like to become a Champion for Children, or have questions about the program,  please complete the form below and a member of our partnerships team will be in touch shortly to discuss next steps. 

Become a Champion for Children