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Empower girls through education

Your gift of $5 can provide the tools a girl needs to return to learning

October 11 is International Day of the Girl

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Yasmin, 8, is a Rohingya refugee who was forced to flee Myanmar due to violence. She sought shelter in Bangladesh and was living in a makeshift settlement when Cyclone Mora tore through the region, disrupting her life and education once again.

Thanks to our supporters, Yasmin was able to return to school in a UNICEF Learning Centre.

Unfortunately, not all girls like Yasmin return to learning. 27 million children are currently being denied their right to education due to conflicts not of their making. UNICEF is responding by setting up temporary schools and safe spaces so that children can continue to learn and play – but we need your support to do more.
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All children have the right to learn, yet girls in particular are often excluded. Learning empowers girls to take control of their lives and become the leaders of tomorrow, regardless of the circumstances they’ve been caught up in.

This International Day of the Girl, you can empower girls like Yasmin to achieve their goals.

UNICEF is committed to giving every girl and boy equal access to the education they’ll need to thrive in life. Your gift today will give children that chance – regardless of gender.

Just $5 can provide a child with a textbook and 10 pencils to prepare for learning.
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