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South Asia COVID-19 Crisis

Cases are rising at an alarming rate. We need your help.

As Nepal, Sri Lanka and the Maldives now battle the same devasting scenes witnessed in India, the surge in COVID-19 cases across South Asia is at crisis point.  

Countries are facing the very real risk of a total collapse in health systems. A situation that would have devastating and fatal consequences for children and their families.

UNICEF Australia is a children’s charity that works to ensure that every child has safe water, food, health care, education and a safe place to grow up. When disasters like this strike our global teams act quickly to deliver life-saving supplies including oxygen, personal protective equipment and medical essentials.

Right now, we urgently need your help.  


Viruses know no borders

Across South Asia, cases are rising at an alarming rate. The region now accounts for almost half of the world’s new COVID-19 cases. 

In Nepal, the virus has spread to every province and district, with more than 420,000 cases and a 25 per cent surge in cases among children and adolescents. In Sri Lanka, cases have increased by 275 per cent in the last two weeks and there are fears the health system will collapse as monsoon season approaches. 

With each passing day India’s cases of COVID-19 skyrocket. The crisis has seen the death toll surpass 250,000 and the total number of infections rise above 23 million. The true numbers are feared to be much higher. 

In India as many as two people are dying every minute and, without the adults they rely on to care for them, children are left vulnerable, sometimes alone and in urgent need of help.

Please support children and the adults they love and rely on today. Please act now.   

Patients receive treatment in the COVID-19 care centre in New Delhi, India. © UNICEF/UN0456969/Singh

Health systems in crisis

In Nepal we may soon witness devastation on an even greater scale than that seen in India.

Nepal, unlike India, does not have the capacity to produce vaccines and has a weaker health system. They urgently need our help to prepare health workers, ensure sufficient oxygen supplies, accelerate the delivery of COVID-19 vaccinations and increase testing capacity.  

Failure to act now may lead to the collapse of the country’s already fragile health system – leading to even more tragic loss of life.  

During the first wave of the pandemic, an estimated 228,000 children and 11,000 mothers across South Asia died due to severe disruptions to essential health services. With the current surge four times the size of the first, and medical centres overwhelmed, the consequences of this wave of the pandemic could be devastating for children and families.

With cases rising exponentially, many more people will die if we do not send urgent help. Children could be left without their families if we do not reach them in time. 

Donate and send life-saving supplies to South Asia now 
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Your emergency donation can help: 

  • Provide an Oxygen Generation Plant which can provide oxygen for a 500-bed hospital 
  • Provide critical health supplies such as oxygen concentrators and personal protective equipment like face masks 
  • Support the ongoing distribution of COVID-19 vaccines through the UNICEF-supported COVAX initiative. 

Hospitals are being forced to turn away patients as they struggle to cope. Your donation will go towards providing COVID-19 testing, treatment and vaccinations in South Asia, including in India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. 
Your help has never been more urgently needed. 
Health workers and frontliners waiting to receive their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine at a health centre north-central Nepal. © UNICEF/UN0447246/Prasad Ngakhusi

How will my donation help to stop coronavirus
in South Asia? 

UNICEF works for the rights of every child, every day, across the globe. By donating to UNICEF Australia today, you are making an immediate and lasting impact for children and families affected by the COVID-19 crisis in South Asia.

Our teams on the ground are working to reach families desperately in need. Your donation will help UNICEF to deliver these supplies and save lives:
  • With $66 you could contribute towards an Oxygen Generation Plant which can provide oxygen for a 500 bed hospital.  
  • With $115 you could help supply 290 face masks to provide essential protection for health care workers.  
  • With $480 you could help protect 100 people from COVID-19 with two doses of the vaccine. 
Help UNICEF rush critical lifesaving supplies and services to protect families and communities in South Asia. Please donate today. 
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Your donation will go towards providing COVID-19 , treatment, testing and vaccinations in South Asia, including in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and the Maldives. In the event that UNICEF receives more funds than we need to meet the immediate needs, your donation will help support UNICEF's response to COVID-19 in South Asia and around the world. If you wish to give specifically to India please donate here. These are indicative prices. Product and shipping prices may changes as the response progresses. 
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South Asia COVID-19 Crisis

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