Every day millions of vulnerable children living in crisis in Ukraine, Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan communities are experiencing poverty, malnutrition and displacement. With the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and rising tensions around the world, children are the biggest victims. They need your support the most during this Holy Month.

How your Sadaqah can help change the lives of children living in crisis

UNICEF Australia is a trusted children’s charity who is there before, during and long after humanitarian emergencies. We are actively on the ground, providing emergency life-saving support and holistic long-term protection for children, young people and their families, no matter what. 

With your Sadaqah you can make a life-saving and lasting impact on children living in conflict. By giving to UNICEF Australia during the month of Ramadan, you can trust that your donation is going exactly where the need is greatest. 


How can my Ramadan donation help children in need? 

From Ukraine to Afghanistan, Tonga to Syria – little ones and young people across the world need our help. We’re on the ground around the world, helping to fight malnutrition, provide clean drinking water, safe spaces, health centres, education and immunisations to protect from deadly diseases. 

Millions of children have been displaced due to conflict. They desperately need safe spaces to be healthy, grow, learn. Places where they can start dreaming of a brighter future. 

This Ramadan, #ShareYourBlessings to give these children new hope.

By giving to UNICEF Australia during Ramadan, every contribution can go a long way in improving the lives of vulnerable children where they need it most. So that while you fast, they eat. While you pray, they learn. And while you celebrate they grow. 

Health workers wearing personal protective equipmentFour-year-old Rowaida outside a UNICEF-supported therapeutic feeding centre in Yemen where she is being treated for malnutrition, August, 2021. © UNICEF/UN0524097/Al-Mass


Help Children like Rowaida with your Ramadan charity donation

2.3 million children in Yemen suffering from acute malnutrition, including 400,000 children suffering from severe acute malnutrition, are in urgent need of life-saving support.

Four-year-old Rowaida visited a UNICEF supported centre for treatment following her second illness with malnutrition since 2018.

While receiving care, Rowaida's condition has improved. She’s now just three kilograms away from normal measures for a girl of her age.

Like Rowaida, children impacted by conflict all over the world are vulnerable to the devastating impacts of malnutrition. Your Ramadan charity donation can help to provide treatment for children like Rowaida. 

For children living on the frontlines, they are fighting the biggest battle of their own – against hunger and malnutrition. This Ramadan, as you break your fast at Iftar time, you can #ShareYourBlessings and break their fast. Make an Iftar donation to UNICEF Australia to help little ones like Rowaida survive and thrive into the future.


Hear Rowaida's story 


How will my donation help children in crisis? 

This year, your Sadaqah can help children and families impacted by conflict and crisis. Here's how you could help: 

  • With $65, you could provide 126 sachets of life-saving therapeutic food – enough to help a child recover from malnutrition 
  • With $120 you could provide two First Aid Kits to restock damaged health facilities so children can receive essential medical care
  • With $258 you cou.d provide a portable School in a Box with enough education supplies to help 40 students continue their education, no matter what
Your donation will help fund UNICEF's urgent work for children wherever the need is greatest - including children in crsis, in remote places and conflict areas.

Automate your donation and never miss Laylatul Qadr 

You can now automate your donations over the last 10 nights of Ramadan so that you don’t miss the Night of Power, Laylatul Qadr for 2022! These very special donations will help to support children living in crisis in Afghanistan. Set up your automation now.  

Celebrate Eid and the end of this Holy Month by giving an Inspired Gift

In the lead up to Eid, dedicate an Inspired Gift to friends or relatives and help to send real supplies to children around the world. Find out how your Eid donation can have even more impact this year with an Inspired Gift.